German News Report On Massive PEGIDA Anti-Islam Demo In Dresden 22 Dec. 2014

Thank Vlad

  • eMan14

    The media is as culpable as the Islamists themselves. It’s the “alleged” Islamisation that is the concern of the racists and bigots. Alleged? The facts aren’t convincing enough? The desire to feel at home in one’s own country is racist?
    Wanting to deport immigrants or refugee’s who are criminals makes us Nazi’s? I want no part of this brave new world of the progressives. In the end, I’ll be the stranger in a strange land.
    But it won’t come to that. If I have any say.

  • Just a thought
  • David Murrell

    Bloomberg Business News did a fairly neutral report on this demo, this morning (December 23). For the most part, however, the North American media cartel are censoring the story of 17,5000 Germans, in Dresden, demonstrating against Islamism.

    • Frau Katze

      The “elites” are fighting back like all get out. And they basically run our countries. They have tremendous resources. (Note: I implying anything as crude as “conspiracies”. It’s more like herd animal instinct. The “elite” herd.)

      I’m not really optimistic about our chances against their money and power.

      • Blacksmith

        Thus my belief that only revolution in the west will resolve this issue. Society will either collapse or there will be revolution.