French TV Sacks Eric Zemmour For Speaking Candidly About The Perils Of Islam, Sparking Free Speech Row

Sacking of Islamophobic Candid television presenter provokes free-speech row in France

France has been split down the middle by the sacking of the nation’s favourite – and at the same time most detested – hard-right, Islamophobe misogynist.

Eric Zemmour was dismissed by the 24-hour news channel i-Télé after telling – or seeming to tell – an Italian journalist that France’s estimated five million Muslims should be “deported” to avoid “chaos and civil war”.

The channel’s decision was approved by anti-racist groups and some left-wing politicians. It was lambasted by senior figures on the right of French politics – who adore Zemmour – but also by some on the left – who detest him – on the basis of his right to free speech.


Let’s see in the last 48 hours France has 3 cops stabbed by a Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar, 11 citizens run down by another shouting Allahu Akbar and last week they busted a muslim terror gang. I guess none of this had anything to do with Islam, no wonder Eric Zemmour was sacked!

h/t Suzanne