French TV Sacks Eric Zemmour For Speaking Candidly About The Perils Of Islam, Sparking Free Speech Row

Sacking of Islamophobic Candid television presenter provokes free-speech row in France

France has been split down the middle by the sacking of the nation’s favourite – and at the same time most detested – hard-right, Islamophobe misogynist.

Eric Zemmour was dismissed by the 24-hour news channel i-Télé after telling – or seeming to tell – an Italian journalist that France’s estimated five million Muslims should be “deported” to avoid “chaos and civil war”.

The channel’s decision was approved by anti-racist groups and some left-wing politicians. It was lambasted by senior figures on the right of French politics – who adore Zemmour – but also by some on the left – who detest him – on the basis of his right to free speech.


Let’s see in the last 48 hours France has 3 cops stabbed by a Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar, 11 citizens run down by another shouting Allahu Akbar and last week they busted a muslim terror gang. I guess none of this had anything to do with Islam, no wonder Eric Zemmour was sacked!

h/t Suzanne

  • He is right. There will be a European Islamic civil war without some form of significant change in the present situation. You simply cannot have an hate ideology (such as Islam) freely taught and not expect it to produce hate.

    Deporting the Muslims population may work. But this is highly unlikely.

    But Islam can be attacked if you admit the problem and deal with it.

    Here are some ideas on how to break the “cult” of Islam, and stop the incitement of Muslims.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

    How to take down Islam by force.

    1. Stop the muezzin – This constant call to prayers is nothing more than a continual incitement for the most devout Muslims. It badgers “cultural Muslims” into silence on the issue of Islam.

    2 Arrest the mullahs

    3 Close the mosques – demolish most – demolish most minarets

    4 Arrest anyone who tries to enforce sharia law.

    5 Make women equal to men.

    6 All girls to school. No Islamic head gear.

    7 Allow only Muslim cultural customs that are compatible with the 21st century

    8 Do not allow any customs that celebrate violence

    9 Arrest anyone who tries to promote violence.

    10 Religion can only be practice at home. No large groups.

    12 Force a reformation of the Koran, Haidith, and Sunnah. Confiscate all Korans.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      I can’t understand why the Koo-ran isn’t on a banned books list for promoting Hate and outright murder. It’s downright criminal.

    • It may well get very ugly in Europe or then again as Sweden has shown, many are quite happy to surrender.

    • Mark DeFord Eletion

      From what I’ve read, there is a process for making paper from elephant dung. If pig dung can be used for the same purpose, why not make korans from it? Sneak them into shipments of real korans, wait a while, then let the secret spread by rumor. The result could be fun to watch.

      How do we know it hasn’t happened already?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Maniacal muzzle’em misanthropy in the name of Moe means more mass murders and mayhem.

    • But remember it has nothing to do with Islam.

      • winniec

        I predict Marine Le Pen’s support will rise greatly in the next year.

  • ntt1

    In the short term a guy loses his job but in the long term it is one more outrage that feeds the growing fire.

    • Yup the left knows it is losing this battle, hence the pack animal behavior.

  • winniec

    The French are further ahead on this than given credit. France should reopen Devil’s Island for terrorists.

    • They act very decisively when they do no question.

  • pdxnag

    Approved by the anti-French-racists and various flavors of Fascists?

  • John

    The Euro-elites are starting to panic. I’m keeping as close eye on events in Germany.

    If those demos continue to build in number Merkel will have a crisis on her hands as well.

    Hollande is already toast.