Evening photo: Nightfall at Yosemite

Photograph by Phil Hawkins.

Though most photographers leave Yosemite National Park’s Tunnel View overlook when the direct light of sunset has disappeared, Your Shot member Phil Hawkins usually stays for another hour to see how the light evolves. “On this occasion I happened to notice a slight glow in the mist hugging the valley floor and wondered how this would look in a timed exposure,” he writes. “So I drilled in on an area of activity and simply left the shutter open for about ten minutes, and this image is the result.”

  • eMan14

    To say it’s beautiful doesn’t do it justice.

    • Frau Katze

      Glad you like it (even if it is not my photo, I pick them out very carefully).

      • AlanUK

        You certainly picked a winner here!
        Anyone know where the light comes from? Mosses? Fungi?