‘But?’: David Axelrod minimizes murder of cops to defend de Blasio

Democrat party hack and known internet klutz David Axelrod is at it again. This time he’s deflecting the murder of two police officers in order to point out the real problem … politically attacking New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

More at Twitchy.

  • Gary

    No doubt the Police Chief put Muslims and mosques on alert for backlash attacks by islamophobes upset that a muslim murdered two non-white cops .

  • Hard Little Machine

    someone needs to firebomb Axelrod’s house.

  • Islam is a giant system that incites random followers to commit violence in the name of Islam.

    The democratic party operates the same way. De Blasio and other leftist fruitcakes play the victim card in order to incite anti government actions. Unfortunately some of their incitement gets out of control. And two cops get gunned down because of de Blasio’s encouragement.

    De Blasio should be tried for incitement. He is scum.

  • Surele Surele

    But… you’re an idiot, Axelrod.

    • Frau Katze

      Damned right!

  • David

    The “but” people were out in force after 9/11.

  • Just a thought

    So, Axeldouche is a “But”-head? That would be consistent with what we know.