Bombs in northern Nigeria, Cameroon dismantles Boko Haram training camp

An earlier bomb blast in Gombe. Source.

(Reuters) – An explosion shook a busy market in the north Nigerian city of Bauchi on Monday, engulfing it in flames and causing an unknown numbers of casualties, a Reuters witness said.

Large sections of the central market area were on fire, sending plumes of smoke into the air, he said. Medics were driving some wounded away in ambulances…

Also, (Reuters) – Two bomb explosions at a bus station in the northeast Nigeria on Monday killed at least 20 people and wounded 40, an emergency services official said, and witnesses said many of the victims had rushed in to help those wounded in the first blast.

No group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack in the city of Gombe. Boko Haram insurgents have repeatedly set off bombs targeting civilians, especially in the northeast where they are trying to carve out an Islamic state.

“The second blast was worse than the first one because many people rushed to the scene and were affected. Many were killed and many injured,” witness Mohammed Fawu told Reuters by phone.

Setting off twin bombs is a classic guerrilla tactic which seeks to maximize casualties.

Boko-Haram-map-Sep-2014Meanwhile, (Reuters) – Cameroon’s army has dismantled a training camp for the Boko Haram Islamist group, arresting or killing dozens of militants and seizing 84 children who were being trained there, the army said on Monday.

Local people in northwest Cameroon alerted the military on Saturday to the camp in Guirvidig locality, near the border with northeastern Nigeria, said Lieutenant Colonel Didier Badjeck, spokesman for Cameroon’s Ministry of Defence.

“The Rapid Intervention Battalion of our army immediately launched an attack, seized 84 children between seven and 15 who were undergoing training in the camp, arrested 45 of the trainers and killed many more,” he told Reuters. There was no independent confirmation.

It is the first time the army has dismantled a camp and appears to represent a further success for the military after it said it killed 116 militants on Wednesday.