Australia: The bar with no Muslims – joke or serious? Update: Serious

Whilst standing and staring at this sign in disbelief, I reflected on what those three words actually meant. I have several Muslim friends as well as Hindu and Sikh. I have white friends who converted from Christianity to Islam…

…If this owner is going to discriminate then he has his job cut out working out which is his target religious group.

Unfortunately, I do not believe when the owner chalked these three words up on his board there was that much thought about whether he would recognize a Muslim or not. Anyone who looks like the stereotype will not be allowed in regardless if they are Muslim or not.

I can only imagine that this sign appeared in response to the Sydney siege…

My thoughts 1) Is this a joke? The whole sign seems kind of humorous. Devout Muslims don’t drink alcohol anyway. 2) Why didn’t the writer speak to the owner? 3) Surely there are laws against this in Australia — why didn’t the writer report it to the police if he thought it was real?

I was one of 17 commenters. Most were outraged, a few thought it might be joke, others that the owner could do as he pleased (which I very much doubt, given the laws in the rest of the Western world).

UPDATE: More news on the subject here. The news site definitely thinks it is no joke.

See pro-Islam Facebook post here.

UPDATE 2: Outback cafe owner won’t apologise for ‘sorry no Muslims’ sign: Cafe owner John Hawkes said his business and home had received more than 200 phone calls about the sign, which he said was only up for nine hours, ABC News reports.

“While the great majority are in support of free speech and are of patriotic sentiment, we have fielded too many abusive and threatening calls. For this I apologise to my family,” Mr Hawkes said.

“I sincerely hope I don’t end up sanitising my every thought to the robotic degree that is evident in commercial life around us.”