America’s Palestine Refugee Policy is Ludicrous

Palestinians furious at Israel, summer 2014. I expect zero progress on ‘peace talks.’ Source.

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. By any measurement, Western policy towards United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), the internationally funded agency for Palestinian “refugees,” meets that definition. One example is the newly released 2015 State Department Framework for Cooperation Between UNRWA and the U.S.

This exercise in repetition occurred in the wake of a war that again exposed UNRWA’s unsavory and illegal activities, from being “shocked” that its schools were used to store Hamas’ rockets and rote condemnations of Israel, to its employees cheering the murder of Israelis. The framework nevertheless represents the American commitment to prolong the existence of UNRWA, established almost exactly 65 years ago…

…They also take for granted that UNRWA will not only continue to exist through at least 2021 (the end of the next five year planning cycle,) but will also grow in both scope and size, then and beyond. There is no talk about limiting UNRWA’s operations, or turning responsibilities over to the Palestinian Authority or to countries that host Palestinian “refugees.”

In fact, the only talk about an end to UNRWA is the boilerplate statement that “The goal of U.S. support to UNRWA is to ensure that Palestinian refugees live in dignity with an enhanced human development potential until a comprehensive and just solution is secured”…

  • winniec

    A new Devil’s Island program is needed by all Western countries. This could be run in common by NATO. Such a program will consist of penal colonies where they stay cut off from all outside contact. Within a few years, all terrorists will be living on an island with no possible escape.

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      Preferably, surround the island with colonies of sharks.

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      … “Manhattan” …


  • winniec

    Insanity it is.
    But there’s good news: We’ve passed the breakeven point in public opinion against Islam. Over a half of Americans now see Islam as a threat to the world and domestically to the US.

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    I wonder which one in that picture will be the next Beethoven, Einstein, or Dr. Schweitzer. //s//

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    Just look at the other arrogant thugs along the back wall, Not the least bit concerned of any kind of response for obvious crimianl behavior. Dignity? Pfft. These goons don’t have a clue.