UK: ‘Racist’ Respect leader a serving JP

Abz1-177x300Abul “Abz” Hussain.

A man expelled from George Galloway’s Respect party for racism and anti-Semitism is serving as a magistrate in London’s most multiracial borough.

Abul “Abz” Hussain describes himself as a “follower of David Icke,” the conspiracy theorist who believes that the world is ruled by a race of giant lizards and that global leaders, including George W. Bush and the Queen, are the descendants of extraterrestrial reptiles.

On his Facebook page, Mr Hussain, a British Bangladeshi, condemns “ignorant” people who “want me to ‘integrate’ into a decadent [Western] lifestyle.”

As a sitting Justice of the Peace (JP) at Stratford magistrates’ court in Newham, east London, Mr Hussain is called upon to enforce British law, a key tenet of the society he appears to question.

Sitting with two other magistrates, he passes verdicts and sentences in most criminal cases, with the power to impose up to six months’ imprisonment. More serious cases are also first heard by magistrates, who can grant or deny bail…

Read more about him in this article at Harry’s Place.

  • Brett_McS

    Don’t JPs have to renew their license periodically?

    • winniec

      And an exam with a proctologist for his brain assessment!

  • winniec

    SEDITION! A house divided against itself shall not stand!

    How can you have a British judge who “condemns “ignorant” people who “want me to ‘integrate’ into a decadent [Western] lifestyle” ???

    Is a British judge not per se a member of the BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT? Or should the Ministry of Justice not IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THIS SEDITIOUS HYPOCRITE who is disloyal to the society that pays him?

    The Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor should immediately FIRE this NUTBAR! How can anyone believe in the law with a kook like this in a position of authority?
    Lord Chancellor, this is scandalous!

  • Oh dear.