Time for some craziness from Deep Green Resistance on ‘the appropriation of Hawaiian culture’

The very picture of evil: tourists in tacky Hawaiian outfits, bringing their filthy money to the state

Recently,‭ ‬the school where my wife works decided to host‭ “‬luau‭” ‬events throughout the state I live.‭ ‬When she contacted the school to tell them the events were cultural appropriation and racist,‭ ‬they immediately responded by transforming the event into a beach party.‭ ‬

Calling out racism in this way can be both challenging and courageous,‭ ‬especially when there are so few resources available either to educate people about the lū‘au or to support the voices of those who call out the appropriation of Hawaiian culture.  ‬I contacted my Native Hawaiian friend Anne Keala Kelly and asked her some questions about the appropriation of her culture…

unnamed-4Obama is not leftist enough for these lunatics — this photo accompanies the article

AKK: …I can see what a cultural signifier a lū‘au actually is,‭ ‬because the food is so culturally significant and the different reasons to celebrate were also significant.‭ ‬It was never a tourist attraction because that was not an industry and I doubt any Hawaiians from pre-overthrow Hawaiʻi would have imagined it becoming such a bastardized,‭ ‬commodified event that people the world over use to cannibalize Hawaiian culture…

Author:‭ ‬What advice do you have for non-Hawaiians wishing to stand with Kānaka‭ ‬ʻŌiwi against cultural appropriation and colonialism more generally‭?

AKK: …If people want to stand‭ with us,‭ ‬it would help if they understood that cultural appropriation is what follows the physical appropriation of our land and government,‭ ‬and the psychological appropriation of our way of being.‭ ‬Cultural appropriation is a form of settlerism—and in that sense, it’s the last frontier for America.

Note the new word ‘settlerism.’ Read more if you can stand it…

  • Intellectual tripe comes in a lot of forms. “Settlerism” is just a new form of the tripe.

    Leftists are continuously inventing new forms of intellectual tripe.

    • Frau Katze

      Deep Green Resistance are fruitcakes of the first order.

      • ntt1

        deep green resistance = pond scum.

    • winniec

      It’s cultural Marxism.

  • ntt1

    so an american ,putting pinapple and ham on a pizza is appropriation of italian culture AND hawaian culture? if that is a twofer, can anybody suggest a triffecta that enrages three ethnic groups at one go?

    • Martin B

      Just put on a sombrero while you’re enjoying your pineapple pizza, then you’ll infuriate La Raza too…why not go whole hog and have some fried chicken & watermelon on the side while you’re at it?

      • ntt1

        Whoa ,sounds like Race baiting can be high calorie, how does sharpton stay so anorexic looking? was he embalmed at some point.?

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Well, if you go whole hog, you’re going to offend somebody.

  • minuteman

    This from a woman whose last name is Kelly. I think she is appropriating Irish culture an she should shut the F up.

  • winniec

    There are ethnic dance and singing troupes wherever you go, as well as ethnic cuisine aisles in supermarkets. Are they further examples of settlerism or merely people who appreciate the charm of those cultures. Culture is a spiritual product that has nothing to do with race. Those critics need to get a real job transporting goods or helping people fill out application forms or something truly helpful like picking vegetables.

  • Dana Garcia

    Next the lefties will be demanding that non-Hawaiians quit surfing. Yeah, that’ll work.

  • AlanUK

    They don’t like “settlerism”?
    Why not try “withdrawalism?
    Withdraw their statehood and membership of the USA. Withdraw any Federal support (after all, they don’t want to have anything to do with the “settlers” or their money). Withdraw tourism. Cut them off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and they can sort out their own life and culture.
    Best of luck

  • Surele Surele

    I’m deeply offended when I see alternate-colour people wearing Levis jeans and non-Jews eating bagels and lox. I want some kind of something to easy my pain.