Time for some craziness from Deep Green Resistance on ‘the appropriation of Hawaiian culture’

The very picture of evil: tourists in tacky Hawaiian outfits, bringing their filthy money to the state

Recently,‭ ‬the school where my wife works decided to host‭ “‬luau‭” ‬events throughout the state I live.‭ ‬When she contacted the school to tell them the events were cultural appropriation and racist,‭ ‬they immediately responded by transforming the event into a beach party.‭ ‬

Calling out racism in this way can be both challenging and courageous,‭ ‬especially when there are so few resources available either to educate people about the lū‘au or to support the voices of those who call out the appropriation of Hawaiian culture.  ‬I contacted my Native Hawaiian friend Anne Keala Kelly and asked her some questions about the appropriation of her culture…

unnamed-4Obama is not leftist enough for these lunatics — this photo accompanies the article

AKK: …I can see what a cultural signifier a lū‘au actually is,‭ ‬because the food is so culturally significant and the different reasons to celebrate were also significant.‭ ‬It was never a tourist attraction because that was not an industry and I doubt any Hawaiians from pre-overthrow Hawaiʻi would have imagined it becoming such a bastardized,‭ ‬commodified event that people the world over use to cannibalize Hawaiian culture…

Author:‭ ‬What advice do you have for non-Hawaiians wishing to stand with Kānaka‭ ‬ʻŌiwi against cultural appropriation and colonialism more generally‭?

AKK: …If people want to stand‭ with us,‭ ‬it would help if they understood that cultural appropriation is what follows the physical appropriation of our land and government,‭ ‬and the psychological appropriation of our way of being.‭ ‬Cultural appropriation is a form of settlerism—and in that sense, it’s the last frontier for America.

Note the new word ‘settlerism.’ Read more if you can stand it…