Sony WILL release The Interview: Execs now change their mind after initially bowing to hackers’ demands and pulling Kim Jong-Un assassination film

Sony says it will in fact publicly release the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy ‘The Interview’ despite threats from hackers mere days after it announced the film would not in theaters for its scheduled Christmas release date.

‘Sony only delayed this,’ said company attorney David Boies on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Sony cancelled the film’s release last week after the hackers threatened real-world attacks on cinemas screening it…

The vast majority of cinema chains which were set to screen the movie pulled it after the threats.

That came after a series of embarrassing internal documents were made public, from plans for the upcoming James Bond film, to internal emails arguing over the company’s direction, to discussion of past theatrical failures.

Boies called the hacks ‘a state sponsored criminal attack on an American corporation and its employees’…

  • Hard Little Machine

    Show it only at the White House and charge $100,000 per ticket.

  • DMB

    So looks like this was a marketing ploy to promote the film after all. Lots of free media publicity and my bet is instead of an estimated $100 million at the box office they will double that amount. Well played Sony; well played.

    • mauser 98

      Korean story falling apart

  • Xavier

    Sony originally said they pulled the movie because theaters refused to show the film in light of terrorist threats.

    Are the theaters going to show it now, or was that bit about them refusing the film a lie? Did they collude with Sony to boost profits? Is Sony trying to recoup some of its potential losses by pushing distribution? What happens when a crazy teenage copycat threatens even a single theater?

    • Brett_McS

      Yeh, that’s puzzled me as well.

  • With a billion dollars of free advertising – it should be a block buster.

    Can’t wait to see it!!!

  • Well, it’s gotten some good buzz so it should do well contrary to prior predictions.