‘Next generation, God willing’

The 18-year-old British widow of an ISIS fighter killed fighting in Syria has tweeted a picture of a young boy clutching a toy gun in front of the black flag of the terror group.

The image was posted by Umm Khattab, believed to be from London, with the caption: ‘Next generation, Bi’ithnillah (God willing).

h/t RF

  • Islam is nothing more than an giant brainwashing system. It starts soon after birth.

    Unfortunately the majority of Muslims get imprinted.

    The minority (near secularists) shut up or risk death for complaining.

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  • mumumental

    next generation, Sanity willing, muhammed mothers will spend their welfare on paint and brooms, not moon flags and plastic guns.

  • Hard Little Machine

    .308 Remington to the face for that one.

  • G

    Little asshole.

  • James Hamilton

    British next generation.
    I’ve no doubts.

  • Yes, creating a generation that, too, will kill itself off is just a splendid idea.

    If mankind ever reaches the Star Trek era, it will wonder why the Muslims went extinct.

    There’s your answer, Worf.