Mirror-imaging the Jihadis

In light of the ghastly massacre of schoolchildren in Peshawar by the Taliban and the terrorism in Sydney this week, familiar rhetoric has condemned the resulting deaths as “incomprehensible” and “senseless.” While these ideologically driven murders certainly are senseless to a morally grounded mind, a mind that is more concerned with rationalizing the evil it seeks to perpetrate is governed by a subrational, internal consistency. Progressivism assumes a dangerously fallacious moral equivalence between all peoples and cultures (of course, with the notable exception of conservatives and the United States; they bear the badge of unmitigated villainy), that is so crippling that it causes its subscribers to apologize for their survival, rather than retaliate to preserve it. Unraveling the pretentious swaddling of fashionable postmodern morality reveals a deep lack of confidence to make unapologetic moral assertions, not a sophisticated worldview. In fact, it reveals a worldview constructed of plywood facades, an imitation of shelter that cannot stand against the weather.