Making sense of Wildrose defections

There are many strange things about Danielle Smith quitting her post as leader of the opposition in Alberta, defecting to the governing Progressive Conservatives, and effectively dissolving the province’s first real opposition party in a generation.

But the strangest is Smith’s excuse for it — that the low price of oil means that “all conservatives have to come together.” That line seems to have come from Preston Manning, who met secretly with Wildrose MLAs as they considered defecting.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Alison Redford was the main reason for the Wild Rose Party, now that she and the Red Tories are gone there is no more need for another conservative party.

    • Waffle

      Excellent point! When the news broke a couple of days ago, I started to understand Smith’s position. Redford typified how the Progs had hijacked the agenda. She had to go and Smith helped to make that happen. Mission accomplished.

      However, it is vital to get one’s fiscal house in order. I think that Smith and Prentice working together have a good chance of making that happen.

      What Ezra should really be getting upset about is the utter lack of democracy here in Ontario. Despite two “opposition” parties, the Wynne criminal enterprise barrels on, unopposed.l Wynne has even bolstered her ranks with a floor-crossing federal dipstick!! The SUN comment boards creak under the load of hand-wringing Ontarians who are now just starting to wake up and fathom what is going on. I can’t help but wonder just how many of these whiners actually came out to vote in June or did they just mouth the standard line: “they’re all crooks”?

      We’re hurting now and it’s going to get worse. Three and a half years is a long time. We have already approached the fiscal cliff and the abyss awaits.
      So Ezra, as a representative of the only credible media outlet in this country, please put your money where your mouth is and light a fire where it really belongs!!!

    • barryjr

      Doubt it she probably saw she would never get far leading the Wild Rose so she acted in self interest. If you honestly believe any politician crosses the floor because they care about the people you haven’t been paying much attention. She has done and will do things strictly because it is good for Danielle Smith and little people be damned. At least Allison Redford was honest about what she was unlike this thing.

  • David

    The allure of a cabinet position and the accompanying tax free benefits was just too much to resist.

  • DMB

    With a PC government running Alberta for almost four decades now and with no sign of any credible opposition party I think it’s time to look at scrapping the party system altogether. Let individuals run on their own merit rather than hide behind political parties. It is far more democratic than a facade of a democracy which only has one party rule when left held unaccountable can run astray.

    • ntt1

      yes… I wonder what would happen if we outlawed whipped votes as a start? it would help dispell some of the problems with local representation being forced to take an unpopular stand (ottawashed)

  • eMan14

    Yet another reason to make it illegal for members of a party to defect to another party for political advantage. At best, they should sit as an independent. They were elected by their representatives, most often for being part of a political party, and these defections are a breach of trust.

  • barryjr

    Danielle Smith is a political whore with no integrity. The only true thing about her is she will spread her legs for whomever will give her the shiniest bauble. She has learned well from her mentor, turncoat Preston and next federal election watch her campaign for Shiny Pony after he agrees to parachute her into a cushy federal job.

  • WalterBannon


    can’t trust them, and they have infiltrated everywhere

  • ntt1

    What has got into preston manning? or are we just starting to see the cynical vote whore that was always there?

    • Pete_Brewster

      He takes after his father, an opportunist from day one.

      • ntt1

        back in the days of reform he offered some hope, now it is becoming obvious he is as mercenary as any other dung heap politician.

    • David Murrell

      I worked in the Reform Party for a long time, and we had spent many dreary days discussing how Preston Manning and the fact that he was never a small-c conservative. He was clever enough to realize, early on in the 1980s, that there was a need for a conservative movement — so he exploited tha crying need, to launch the party. But he never really believed in conservative principles to begin with.

  • Frances

    Look at Ms Smith in her pictures with Mr Prentice – like a giddy schoolgirl with her first crush.

  • David Murrell

    Check out this editorial by the left-wing, anti-Western Canada Globe and Mail:

    celebrating the anti-conservative defections of Smith and Manning. If the anti-democracy Globe and Mail is celebrating these sad events, one realizes how bad they are for conservatism. Jim Prentice, by the way, is a Red Tory — and that’s it. That’s all he is. So one more victory for Red Toryism.

  • Haven Monahan

    She’s a Canadian Benedict Arnold.