Iranian Regime Channels Haroon Siddiqui: Canada Worst Human Rights Offender

What is ridiculous about the UN resolution is that Ottawa that has sponsored the resolution has the largest record of human rights violations, the letter said, added, “Canada has always been the main supporter of the Zionist regime and it has conducted widespread and brutal crimes against the defenseless and oppressed Palestinian nation.”

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  • Frau Katze

    Iranian regime ranting. Ignore.

  • barryjr

    Why are we still in the UN and why do we care what those morons think? If Harper truly wants to do something for Canada he will ban UN officials from Canada and get us out of that gang of thugs.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I think it is time ‘Haroon the Buffoon’ returns to his ancestral shit-hole, he obviously doesn’t know how good he has it here.

    • Alain

      He should take Heather with him, since she insists that women here suffer so much more than in Saudi Arabia, in other words a Muslim country.

    • Amodeus

      He hails from India and on behalf of more that 1 billion Indians I implore you to not send him there. Perhaps he may find it good in some Islamic place.
      Even in India these people want to live under democracy and secularism and then also demand special rights in the name of their cult. India as a secular democracy respects all religions and other religions such as Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Sikhism, Jainish, Buddhism and Christianity have flourished without any problems. It is only 1 religion that has had issues with Hundus and other religions that are more peace-loving. No marks for guessing which is the problematic religion.

  • occupant 9

    Yup, to a Muslim, there’s nothing worse than not supporting the so-called “Palestinian” genocidal movement. This is what Islam offers us.

  • winniec

    ‘Master Stealth Jihadist’…please always use his official title: ‘Master Stealth Jihadist Haroon Siddiqui’.

  • winniec

    Dishonest Reporter?
    Dear Haroon Sidiqui: What Do You Think of Palestine House Now?
    On December 1, Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui sharply criticized the Harper government for cutting funding to Palestine House last year. The Harper government had indicated it would cease funding of the Palestinian non-profit due to concerns of its “pattern of support for extremism”. The government stated Palestine House aligned itself with terrorist causes, including celebrating the release of terrorists and those responsible for numerous armed attacks and hijackings in the 1960’s and 1970’s. In response, Palestine House stated it denounced all forms of terrorism and extremism.
    In his column, Sidiqui stated “The prime minister portrays himself as a staunch ally of Israel, and tends to brand those who don’t agree with him as anti-Semitic and bully them — as discovered by the Christian ecumenical group Kairos, the Canadian Arab Federation and Palestine House, whose funding was cut, and
    Montreal-based Rights and Democracy, which was destroyed. In fact, what Harper has done is to take sides with the right wing in an ideological and political struggle within Israel and the Jewish diaspora. He could have sided with those who do not agree with Israeli expansionism and permanent war on the Palestinians”.
    Now that Palestine House has once again betrayed Canadian values by celebrating convicted terrorists as heroes in a recent solidarity rally for terrorist-cum-hunger-strikers involved in attacks and kidnapping attempts against Israelis, does Siddiqui still believe the Harper government erred in withdrawing funding from a group aligned with terrorists?

  • Barrington Minge

    Looks like Iran is a really swinging place

  • Minicapt

    1. Haroon the Maroon still seeks to achieve stupidity, but his efforts continue to fall short.

    2. Where do we pick up our Certificates of Achievement for setting such a high standard?