Indonesian navy blows up illegal foreign fishing vessels in spectacular fashion after confiscating ships and arresting crew

Two foreign fishing boats suspected of conducting illegal fishing activities are blown up by the Indonesian navy in Ambon bay, Indonesia, 21 December 2014.

The destruction of the Papua New Guinea-flagged vessels follows a government ruling to sink almost all foreign ships which carry out illegal fishing activities in the waters of Indonesia.

‘The ships have gone through legal procedures at the court in Ambon and their owners were found guilty of stealing fish from Indonesian waters. We must sink these ships so that other foreign ships will think twice before fishing illegally in our territory,’ said navy spokesman Commodore Manahan Simorangkir…

More photos at the link. Heavy over-fishing has depleted stocks worldwide. This response is likely related to those depleted stocks that are still available to Indonesians.

  • ntt1

    those are trawlers too, they vacuum up everything and destropy the habitat while they do it. demolition is a good method of curing destructive fishing practices.

    • Frau Katze

      It is a wonder there is anything left at all.

      • ntt1

        there is very little left, factory trawlers have raped most of the south china seas and now jelly fish are becoming dominant

  • Just a thought

    If it were the Russians, the crew would have remained on board.

  • barryjr

    Should do that in Canada as well. I knew guys that poached salmon and halibut in the late 80s and they just viewed the fines if they got caught as the cost of doing business.