Home Office powerless as legal loophole leaves underage child brides free to join husbands in Britain

Child brides from overseas can legally enter Britain because of a legal loophole.

If the girl is wed lawfully in her homeland her husband cannot be prosecuted under UK law, Theresa May’s Home Office said.

Officials made the admission after the Bishop of St Albans Alan Smith asked the House of Lords what steps the Government was taking to protect girls already in under-age marriages from coming into the UK.

Schools minister Lord Nash told him social services and police might be involved if there were child protection issues, but the law as it stands cannot stop child brides entering the UK in the first place.

  • simus1

    Typical of lies from the professional vote whoring class when they don’t want to be “judgemental”.

    • We have the same legislated recognition of Polygamous marriage in Ontario. We’re very progressive that way.

      • eMan14


        • Yup.

          The fact is, polygamy is recognized under law in the province of Ontario – provided the polygamist acquired his harem in a country where such behavior is legally sanctioned.

          FAMILY LAW ACT

          In addressing the issue of polygamous marriages, the preamble to the Ontario Family Law Act states: “In the definition of ‘spouse,’ a reference to marriage includes a marriage that is actually or potentially polygamous, if it was celebrated in a jurisdiction whose system of law recognizes it as valid. R.S.O. 1990, c. F.3, s. 1 (2).”


          • marty_p

            Yup – TCHC are building bigger apartments with more bedrooms to house the larger Mo families that have multiple wives – and of course- bigger welfare cheques for all!

  • truthdareisay

    Stop the BS.. all the dhimmi Brit govt has to do is make into law.. those with child brides will NOT be accepted in the UK. That will never happen you see, because that is common sense.

  • eMan14

    A multicultural moment number 2. We will soon run out of numbers.

  • Waffle

    Hung on their own petard.

  • The Goat

    Can you feel the diversity?

  • WalterBannon

    Ban islam and muslim colonists and this problem will stop.

  • ntt1

    What rubbish they have pederasty laws on the books plus statutory rape laws, they just don’t want to enforce the existing laws. If police dont enforce the laws then they themselves need to be up on charges.

  • James Hamilton

    “If the girl is wed lawfully in her homeland her husband cannot be prosecuted under UK law, Theresa May’s Home Office said.”
    Then make a new law, you dumbos. You can’t stop certain things or prosecute the perpetrators BECAUSE you don’t want.
    If it has been anything against native Britons say, further banning guns or protest against mohammedan atrocities, the MPs would’ve brought a bill in minutes & that will pass through the house in seconds.

    • You bet they would.

    • Minicapt

      “Order in Council” should suffice.


  • AlanUK

    Overview of UK law (abbreviated): You can get married or enter into a civil partnership in the UK if you’re:
    18 or over (16 with parental permission)
    free to marry (single, divorced or widowed) and
    not closely related.

    Anyone under 16 is incapable of giving consent to sex.
    Non-consensual sex in marriage is illegal (usually rape)
    Surely from these facts in law the Criminal Prosecution Service, the Police and Parliament should be able to cobble together a way to protect young girls? If not