France’s military brothels: Hidden history of the First World War

Prostitution and war often go hand-in-hand. But this is perhaps most true of the First World War, where even the French government played a part in the sex industry – a legacy that continued almost to up to today.

“You could find anything you wanted in the brothels in the surrounding area and at the camps. It was a mêlée, a hard, dangerous and disgusting business. Fifty, sixty, up to a hundred men of all colours and races to see every day, all under the constant threat of air raids and bombardments.”

  • sultanas

    That is hard work. I hope the soldiers paid good money.

    • I agree.

      • Exile1981

        50-100 times a day? Even working 20 hours a day that’s still a “customer” every 12 minutes.

  • Minicapt

    The last of the Army brothels closed down in 1999; it was interfering with the civvy ‘houses’.


  • Robert Burns

    Jacques Brel has a great song about it. “Au Suivant”, which means “Next’.