Five thousand years of religion in 90 seconds

Religious history is a complicated and sensitive subject. A map video of how religions have spread throughout time could certainly shed light on a lot of the issues that the world is facing today.

This quick and easy-to-watch video shows how Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam were founded and spread. The color-coded bars at the bottom matching the religions on the map show a basic timeline. Among the seminal points in religious history:

  • The birth of Krishna, important for the Hindu religion, is put at around 3228 B.C.
  • The birth of Abraham, one of the key points in Judeo-Christianity, is put at circa 1800 B.C.
  • The birth of Buddha (or Siddhartha Gautama) is commonly believed to be around 563 B.C.
  • The crucifixion of Christ is cited to have occurred in 32 A.D.
  • The birth of Muhammad is put at 570 A.D.

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Notice the lightening speed advance of Islam. Christianity spread slowly at first and made big gains during the Age of Exploration.