Eyewitness claims ‘people were CLAPPING AND LAUGHING’ at the scene where two cops were killed

Mayor Bill de Blasio said this is ‘not the time for politics’ following the murder of two police officers in Brooklyn on Saturday.

This as New York City’s police commissioner said the gunman who ambushed and killed two police officers had made online posts that were ‘very anti-police.’

Police Commissioner William Bratton choked up at a news conference at the Woodhull medical Center on Saturday afternoon as he talked about the fatal shootings of two officers in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness who spoke to The Daily Beast said that ‘a lot of people were clapping and laughing’ following the murder of the two police officers.

‘Some were saying, “They deserved it,” and another was shouting at the cops, “Serves them right because you mistreat people!”’said the man, identified as Carlos…

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  • winniec

    This is what happens when the likes of Sharpton allow rhetoric to become so inflamed. The American system of education has failed to teach young people civics or civility.

    • BillyHW

      This is what happens when you don’t pick your own crops.

  • roccolore

    Liberal fascists: “We hate cops! Wait, can you police protect our mosques and leftist rallies?”

  • Gotterdammerung141

    Every single cop in the city should simply not show up for work for a few weeks. See how long those people are laughing and clapping then.

    • G

      I agree.

      Tyrone Washington, Leroy Jackson, and Lakiesha Del Ray might change their minds about cops when, in the absence of any police protection, the owner of the next store they try to loot decides he’ll let his 12 gauge or .308 do the peace keeping.

    • Just a thought

      NOT the answer.

      That would leave the anarchists in charge, something that would be good for no one.

      • mobuyus

        Anarchists will be the first to tell you that they do not want to be incharge of anything.It’s anarchy they want not order.Anarchists I’ve talked to agree that in any revolution they would not fair well at all.

  • David Murrell

    The NYC police commissioner gave a news conference today (Sunday December 21) at about 4 pm Eastern– and about 3/4 through it he stated that the perp “grew up in a Muslim family”, but was not indoctrinated, never attended services, etc., etc. I had though BCF posters were hasty stating that the guy was Muslim, given his first name. But it looks like he does have links to Islam. Needless to say, none of the media cartel will pick up on this fact the police chief mentioned.

    • Canadian

      The CBC is still wondering what his motives might be…

  • Just a thought

    “not a time for politics” = “PLEASE don’t blame me”

    Too little, too late. You and your Leftist confederates all own it!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Al Sharpton should be gunned down in the street. Spike Lee’s house should be torched. Kill them all.

  • CMH

    I feel very sorry for the black Americans that have worked hard to make something of themselves in contrast to the blacks like ‘The Game’ who have made their money by being good for nothing but themselves, violent, ‘pimp niggers’. Disgusting and just as racist, terrorist, and bad as the Klan ever was. Islamic based ideology.

  • Now is a great time to be political.

    If police and emergency services are so offending to certain masses, let certain neighbourhoods be “no-go” areas. Try breathing without an ambulance.