Creeping Sharia: Czech villagers protest mayor’s sale of land to Kuwaiti’s for Muslim colonies

Monument for World War I in Modlany. Photo: Takmocsekretovanej! / Wikipedia

Prague, Dec 16 (ČTK) — The inhabitants of Modlany protest against the planned establishment of a Kuwaiti colony in this north Bohemian village because they are afraid of Arabs becoming their neighbors, daily Mladá fronta Dnes (MfD) writes today.

Most recently, Kuwaitis bought another 30 plots from former Modlany Mayor Pavel Rajčan, who advantageously purchased them from the Land Fund in 2006.

“Originally, the plots were agricultural land. After the zoning plan was changed in 2011, they became construction plots,” Modlany Councilor Karel Secký told MfD.

Earlier this year, the local landscape charmed the Arabs visiting the nearby Teplice spa, who decided to build their summer villas in Modlany, the paper writes.

“I have no personal experience with Arabs, but when I saw how they behave in the Sanov park, I don’t want to have them for neighbors,” said Modlany Councillor Lukáš Paťha…