Cherson & Molschky: How Russia Is Falling into the Abyss at a Five-Star Hotel

The absurdity of politics was on full display at a five-star hotel in Moscow… The opulent InterContinental

Russian opposition rings alarm bells: Russia is falling into the abyss of Authoritarianism- and hurries to inform the West about this and about what this West should do to help the agonizing country.

Fearing persecution from the terrible KGB/FSB, the leaders of the opposition whispered about this at a secret address at the “Intercontinental”, a five-star hotel in the center of Moscow, just 10 minutes from the Kremlin. The clandestine meeting was called for conspiracy reasons “The Crisis in the EC-Russia Relations and the Ways to Overcome It”…

  • ☭ Vladimir Putin ☭

    In the KGB they taught us to keep secret meetings a secret. Also in kindergarten.

  • b_marco

    …still posting from that fucking FSB site I see.

  • Just a thought

    Love the furniture. Especially those ergonomically designed chairs that just scream “Get up! Move around!”

  • ntt1

    In the west we have learned to ignore the authoritarian nature of our political elites and due to cultural marxism there are plenty of swishy interior decorators to save us from overt signs of stalinist brutality like that “lounge”