UK: Shoppers could be told how their meat has been slaughtered after halal row

It is an idea whose time has come, as consumers it is our right to know. Now if only Canada would follow suit.

  • TJ

    It might just come down to being lazy. Everyone is worried that they might eat an animal that was killed by Halal means when I think in Canada it would be the other way around. All animals that come out a big slaughter house get humanly killed but a payment scam allows some to get the Halal label even if they are not. A slaughter house does a 1000 animals a day and only 10 are to be Halal would not slaughter all 1000 by Halal but a UK plant that does 800 Halal out of the 1000 might just be lazy and kill all by the Halal blood bath.

    Just to be safe and avoid any Halal only eat the pork.

  • Exile1981

    Walmart near me is only carrying halal burgers anymore. I no longer buy from them.