Swedish PM rejects attempt to get back some votes from the Sweden Democrats

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has criticised a proposal by the Christian Democrats to reduce the costs of the asylum process, suggesting the idea may play into the hands of the nationalist Sweden Democrats.

On Thursday the party leader of the Christian Democrats Göran Hägglund suggested that refugee benefits should be cut. Among the proposals put forward by Hägglund was to allow new immigrants to earn up 100,000 kronor ($13,000) tax free per annum for their first five years in Sweden.

“It’s the wrong way in to believe that refugees who come here are content to sit and earn 5,000 – 6000 kronor a month and that they don’t want to work and do what’s right for them, it’s our job to ensure they come in and work,” Löfven told the TT news agency.

When Hägglund made the proposals he stated that he was “tired of the fact that all discussions start and end with the Sweden Democrats” in relation to immigration…