Steyn: Sony Having Less Guts than a Danish Cartoon Artist ‘Depressing’

On Thursday’s Hugh Hewitt radio show, conservative commentator Mark Steyn, author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn,” said the actions by Sony Corporation not to face down apparent threats from North Koreans was a bad sign for the so-called power of American pop culture in its current state.

  • ontario john

    They were caught off guard. They thought North Korea would be a safe topic. The Hollywood leftist cowards stay away from islam, china, or anything else that would be upsetting. They prefer safe topics like anti Christian themes, gay rights, or slavery in the 1800’s, even though slavery exists today around the islamic world to the amount of 35 million people. But this is true of all the entertainment, media, and political cowards that control the West.

    • Expect a franchise or 10 depicting Christian villains defeated by heroic pro-abortionist lesbian flicks.

  • Mark DeFord Eletion

    What Sony executives may be most afraid of is their personal baggage being made public.

    What they really should do is release a series of funny cartoons that show the dumpy despot of north korea being killed, dismembered, or simply being caused embarrassment in various ways.

    • It is all about the execs I believe, what a tawdry little world they inhabit.

  • just ice

    Sony probably runs the company like Kim Jong. You don’t think Sony is gentle, peaceful corporation?

    America is not land of free speech. It’s now the same as north Korea.

  • roccolore

    Liberal cowards didn’t defend the Danish cartoonists.

  • luna

    North Korea is a wild card in all this, but the white house may have, let’s say, not been the most helpful to sony. Sending in Al Sharpton over leaked Obama jokes, at a time when legal and technical help was needed most.

    In Hollywood there is no such thing as bad press, and I’m now anxious to see this flick.