Shorter Toronto Star: Why Hasn’t Harper Seen The Light And Started Supporting Muslim Terrorists?

Thomas Walkom StarZeera 5th Columnist:

In April, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney officially listed the fund, called IRFAN, as a terrorist entity.

The reason given was that relief slated for Gaza had gone to organizations connected with the Islamic group Hamas. Hamas governs the Palestinian enclave and is also on Canada’s terror list.

One of the organizations IRFAN funded was Gaza’s health ministry.

The relief fund can appeal this terrorist designation and is trying to do so. But to mount a successful legal action it must raise money.

Yet as a proscribed terrorist organization it cannot raise money without putting donors at risk of being labelled terrorists.

Read Hamas’s genocide ideology, or this, 9 Things You Need To Know About Hamas — Straight From Its Charter, and ask yourself this question: How could the Star and Thomas Walkom overlook these untidy little facts?


h/t MP