Refugee advocates slam Pauline Hanson’s ‘damaging’ comments

Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has re-emerged on the political landscape, this time making controversial comments during a speech in front of a small group of supporters in South Australia.

Speaking to the group of about 60 people in Strathalbyn earlier today, Ms Hanson began by explaining her policies on youth unemployment and foreign ownership of agriculture before moving onto multiculturalism.

She admitted she was “in fear of Islam and the Islamisation of Australia”.

“I’m not fear mongering … but if you look at what I’ve said in the past has actually happened now,” she said.

“Islam does not stand for peace, Islam stands for submission.”

Ms Hanson told the crowd Australia needs to know who it was seeking asylum in Australia, telling the audience “most of them are Muslims who come out here to Australia”…

How dare she! Check your ancestry, Pauline: maybe you too can dig up something that makes you immune to criticism.