A Picture of dysfunctionality in Cairns, Australia murder case

The woman, Mersane Warria, aged 37, killed seven of her own children and one nephew. The Daily Mail informs us that the police were required to notify five fathers of the death their children.

unnamed-9Mersane Warria

Although the Daily Mail does not mention it — politically incorrect? — this means that this woman, clearly very disturbed, had seven children with four different men.

How many other cases like this are there out there? I am not referring to the murder — clearly few women do such things, but to the discouraging picture of marginal people living off welfare aid having large families under dreadful conditions.

No remotely functional woman has children by four different men.

Meanwhile, educated and working women are often having no children at all, or just one or two, because that is all they can afford — lacking welfare aid.

What does this imply for future generations?   This is scarcely the first time that I have noticed how some women receiving welfare just keep having kids.

The left wing attitude that pervades our culture believes — wrongly — that we are all born equal and that it is just a question of “fixing” society.

Aspects of people’s personalities have a heritable component.  This trend of dysfunctional women having large families is called “dysgenic” because those less fit to care for themselves actually have more children than the rest.