Ontario opposition parties want gas plant committee recalled

TORONTO ─ Ontario opposition parties have asked Premier Kathleen Wynne to recharge the government committee investigating the $1.1-billion cancellation of two gas plants following allegations that senior staff were coached on how to delete potentially explosive e-mails.

PC MPP Michael Harris said the Liberal Party should also refund to taxpayers the $10,000 paid to the spouse of a senior political staffer to wipe government computer hard drives.

“When they’re at it, they should add $1.1 billion to it,” Harris said

  • Ron MacDonald

    This will never happen, Wynne wants it to disappear.

  • ontario john

    They must be anti gay right wingers

  • David Murrell

    Why should Premier Wynne recall the gas-plant committee, so it can investigate her corrupt government? This premier realizes it is better, for her and her corrupt government, if she continues to stonewall, and simply pay off the corrupt media (the Star, the Globe, CBC and CTV News) to look the other way.

    • Waffle

      David, I think that she was a major part of the whole thing (the crime and the cover-up). From her attitude, I think she is banking of short memories and apathy and, of course, a corrupt media. The only thorn in her side is SUN media. I find it very troublesome that Moses Z. is “thinking” about buying SUN. This can’t be good.

      • David Murrell

        I fear you may be correct about Moses Z. Years ago he bought “Vision TV”. Before he bought it, Vision TV was mostly a hard-left-radical political station. Moses brought it back into the mainstream, politically (I think). While conservative may have applauded that, one would think he might revise SUN TV with a heavy hand.

        Having said that, SUN TV could use some outside, practical improvements, brining in weather reports, perhaps a sports show, to lure in outsiders…I am worried about the possible split between the SUN News newspapers, and SUN TV. The two work well as a synergy.

        • Waffle

          David, you may recall that Moses was the guy who introduced Ontario the Good to the Baby Blues way back when and from what I hear (from a very credible source) he hasn’t changed all that much.

  • barryjr

    Who cares, even if it does happen and is honest the OPP and the courts won’t do anything with the results. Face it Ontario you voted these crooks in willingly and now Canada has to pay for your stupidity.

  • David

    When the cops are overt in their support of the liberals I wouldn’t expect any honesty in anything they oversee.