Oh yea, this’ll last

She deserves happiness.

  • ontario john

    Christmas at Premier Wynne’s home or a united church service?

  • The only positive thing Islam has ever done – getting her off the streets.

  • Raymond Cameron

    If he comes to live in Britain with her will he bring his other wives?

  • Xavier

    She deserves happiness, and she shall receive happiness.

    Eternal peace and happiness.


  • northernont

    Somehow I think her camel toe hijab garb is not going to go over well in the local mosque.

  • ntt1

    just another British steamed pudding hysterically grateful to get a mans attention, the black guy like most black guys like a woman who can provide shade in the summer and heat in the winter. he’ll be suggesting a move back to Britain any time now.

  • J. C.

    And when the marriage ends, I’ll bet she totally loses her head… 😉

  • DD_Austin

    Looking for islamic converts?

    The signs you need too look for

    …mentally ill ,loser, desperate social outcast, stupid, ugly

  • Haven Monahan

    She does make a compelling argument for the Burqa.