ISIS release horrific photos of a man having his hand amputated for theft

Well at least they bandaged it.

  • norsca

    The Koran. It’s a fun book.

  • Barrington Minge


  • Ho Hum

    Are we sure that ISIS is responsible? The bandaging and antiseptics suggest to me that this was the work of moderate Muslims.

  • ontario john

    The birth place of islam, saudi arabia has been cutting off limbs and heads for years, but the media doesn’t report about that. It might give the wrong impression of islam.

    • Well you just can’t go around insulting valued allies that;)

  • David

    That’s mighty white of them.

  • Xavier

    Liberals will insist “it’s their religion, let them practice it as they wish.”

    Waterboarding is my religion, and anyone is welcome at the services. We also have foreign outreach programs.

  • Everyone Else

    FWIW, about 50 years Life Magazine ran photos of hand amputation in Saudi Arabia. As I remember it, there was no moralizing, it was presented as a cultural peculiarity.