I will survive: When civilization collapses, will you be ready?

AFTER “the Crunch”—the total collapse of the global economy—trade seized up, the power grid shut down and paper money became worthless. Riots gutted city centres. Looters picked them clean. Americans went back to growing their own food and bartering with their neighbours. Those who had failed to stockpile beans and bullets were soon hungry and defenceless. The “Great Die-Off” hit Florida especially hard. Millions of suntanned retirees died of starvation or chronic diseases after the government stopped paying for their pensions and pills.

  • ontario john

    Are we talking about Wynne’s Ontario?

  • just ice

    Money is the seed of destruction. It’s bigger, it expands, never expires.

    • Our Ponzi scheme economy certainly suggests that.

    • Reader

      Just like the noxious fumes emanating from our politicians when they open their mouths.

  • G

    —-“(he insists on the comma, for some reason)”

    Yes, the snotty urban fucks at the Economist just have to get in their sneering, little shots don’t they?

    —-“Those who had failed to stockpile beans and bullets”

    Yeah, that’s all there is to it just beans and bullets. STFU

    —-” He takes it for granted that no one in the room trusts the media or the government to be of much help”

    “No shit. They are no help now. Why would they suddenly start?

    —-” Preachers at the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, argue that Barack Obama is the Antichrist”

    “Yep, you can’t refer to Christians without associating them with the Westboro church. Rule of journalism #15
    Mind you the Westboro church is unfriendly to gays so they must be punished at every opportunity. The gays must be supported even when the subject matter of story has nothing to do with them. Rule of journalism #2

    Gawd journalists are scumbags.

    • The Economist is an exemplar;)

    • Exile1981

      The founder of westboro was a life long democrat, the seed money for the church came from business deals with the clintons. I’ve always suspected that the dems created it to use as a brush to tar real christians with.

      • I am so sick of hearing about the WBC. There are like 35 of them and they’re almost all related. Nobody – nobody, no Christians, nobody – defends them in any way. They’re just a pack of freaks and, as loathesome as they are, they’ve never actually beheaded anybody or flown any planes into buidings.

        Yeah, it’s totally the equivalent of ISIS.

        • Exile1981

          I find it telling that democrats are the only candidates that WBC support and the founder ran as a democrat twice and yet the media always tries and just announce they are republicans with out any evidence and in fact a lot of evidence they are not right leaning.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    If “the crunch” ever does come about, people like the person that wrote this article will be the first ones to get killed or otherwise to die off. The author likely doesn’t realize that part.

    I also don’t see anyone who ownes an EBT card, or is on any kind of government assistance doing very well or lasting long either.
    Not even any grocery stores to even loot anymore in many ghettos and after about day two, they will all be shot on sight when they leave the cities looking for food and water.

  • G

    —–“What goes on what is in people’s heads. That is why Japan and Germany were able to rebuild so quickly”

    Yeah, that -(and billions in American aid but ssshhh don’t mention that one)

    —-“why New York recovered swiftly after the attacks of September 11th 2001”

    Oh yeah they recovered “instantly” (eye roll). They only lost a dozen building in the attack and it took the 12 years to rebuild the WTC. Wow! It was like magic!

    —“New Orleans today is perfectly safe (and rather wonderful) to visit.”

    Not from what I’ve heard. Plus billions in federal aid helped a bit too didn’t it?

    —–“Still, if the optimists (such as your correspondent) are wrong, the preppers will have the last laugh. But “laugh” is perhaps not the right word.”

    Oh I don’t know, I will have a smile on my face if my wife & daughter are fed, safe & warm. And I might just laugh if some urban, elitist, asshole who did nothing more productive than write for the Economist is sitting, starving in a refugee camp somewhere.

  • mauser 98

    when the Fed stops pumping digits into a computer
    the music will stop