High School Vocabulary Lesson Referencing Islam Has NC Town In Uproar

A North Carolina town is in an uproar this week as parents fear that a high school vocabulary lesson referencing Islam was intended to push the religion on students. The assignment was attached to a World Literature course, in which lessons are connected to different cultures. Now, the local police are even being accused of being complicit.

The issue began when part of the following video was posted on Facebook. (The introduction and theme music were added by another user later, as were clips at the end referencing cases of Christianity in schools.) The video is long, but if you choose not to watch it, here’s the gist: A school gave their students a list of vocabulary words, with sample sentences referencing Islam.


The examples they show are not what you would call proselytizing, but they make it sound like just one more religion of many, and of course, no mention of anything negative.

Why do public schools need to teach religion at all? This is a sensitive area. Since our governments have decided (without asking us) to force multikulti upon us, the least they could do is not teach it. Leave that to the parents.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Just as the proper response to objectionable free speech is more ‘free speech’; the answer to intolerance is ‘intolerance’ for the intolerant. We can start that process by shining some disinfecting sunlight on Islam.
    Perhaps everyone could be happy if we just re-worded the question in the lesson, while keeping it true to established Islamic beliefs and practices?

    Let’s take another stab at the problem!

    “Mohammed had just finished a slave auction of captured and kidnaped widows and orphans when I arrived (after their husbands and fathers had all been beheaded), but I hope the opportunity to hear him auction off a sex slave will ________ . I’d like another sharmuta.”
    With just a few changes now everyone can be happy!

  • Dana Garcia

    I wouldn’t mind schools presenting a proper Islamic vocabulary list, consisting of words like jihad, infidel, taqqiya, hudna, caliphate, haraam, dar al Harb, dawa, etc.

  • Ron MacDonald

    Why Progressives have to be purged from academia, media and politics.

  • JoAllahKer

    You can’t Allah say its proselytizing when a teacher just Islam happens to use an example that somehow accidentally includes the Religion of Peace™.

    The same Mohammed holds true of any text book jizyya be it on geography, social studies or math that was created by followers of islam when they caliphate happen to use a jihadist example.

    Next sharia law you are going to say they interferring with lunch rooms by demanding all food be halal. Or that in haram music classes that all musical instruments be destroys and that only the Adnan be practiced.

    It’s Alluh Akbar not like its infiltrating all our daily kaffir language in day-to-day Allah be praised language, or the prophet in our schools.

  • Martin Luffa

    The Gov decides that Fucking is their purview. It’s no surprise that government thinks that anything more complicated is within their sphere of control

  • roccolore

    But remember, you can’t teach anything related to Christianity lest you want to incur the wrath of the ACLU.

  • Just a thought

    “I hope the opportunity to hear him will never present itself again”