High School Vocabulary Lesson Referencing Islam Has NC Town In Uproar

A North Carolina town is in an uproar this week as parents fear that a high school vocabulary lesson referencing Islam was intended to push the religion on students. The assignment was attached to a World Literature course, in which lessons are connected to different cultures. Now, the local police are even being accused of being complicit.

The issue began when part of the following video was posted on Facebook. (The introduction and theme music were added by another user later, as were clips at the end referencing cases of Christianity in schools.) The video is long, but if you choose not to watch it, here’s the gist: A school gave their students a list of vocabulary words, with sample sentences referencing Islam.


The examples they show are not what you would call proselytizing, but they make it sound like just one more religion of many, and of course, no mention of anything negative.

Why do public schools need to teach religion at all? This is a sensitive area. Since our governments have decided (without asking us) to force multikulti upon us, the least they could do is not teach it. Leave that to the parents.