George Clooney created a petition in support of Sony, but he couldn’t get anyone to sign it

“In essence, the letter was “basically saying … ‘We’re not going to give in to a ransom,’ ” Clooney told Deadline. “As we watched one group be completely vilified, nobody stood up. Nobody took that stand.”

As far as his petition, Clooney couldn’t land a single signature.

The leaked Sony emails have illustrated what we all knew, Hollywood is populated by truly awful people, horrible liberal hypocrites deserving of their own special circle of hell.

But this episode I find puzzling, as Hollywood loves to trumpet how “brave and courageous” they are what with being the self-proclaimed guardians of civilization and all.

Are the Sony execs that hated by their peers that no one would sign on? Were potential petition signers worried that a public declaration of support would put them in the hacker’s cross-hairs?

Did George accidentally cc Kim Jong Un on the email? I just don’t know.

  • winniec

    “You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood and stuff it in the navel of a gnat … and still have room left over for three caraway seeds and an agent’s heart.” ~ Fred Allen (accurate version)

  • David

    Don’t worry george, I’m sure your Jew hating wife will sign it.

  • DMB

    I predict Dennis Rodman movie career will busy with a lot of starting roles.

  • John

    What everyone visiting this website always knew about Hollywood is now visible for all to see.

    What will be coming out of Hollywood over the next few years?

    A slew of action films featuring Christian terrorists as the bad guys?

  • ntt1

    all film workers who have worked for Sony over the years ,and been forced to divulge personal and corporate taxation information as a condition of employment are now being contacted to warn of the possibility of identity theft and to offer 12 months identity security as a solution

    • What a mess.

      • ntt1

        I am now getting at least two phishing attempts per day, and spam phone calls on my bussiness only cell phone have jumped to 3 or 4 per week. it is increasingly obvious I am now on a bunch of lists that never was before, This increase in activity is shared by many of my co-workers, as a result we are starting to doubt the official “line” ,it is highly unlikely the Norks would sell or provide information to spammers which is what seems to be the case now.

  • bls46

    No one should be surprised…..these people only ‘play ‘ at being adults when they are acting. The public buys into their ‘movie characters’. Why else would we have these poseurs giving testimony to Congress on issues from the environment to foreign policy ! As with obama, these ’emperors’ have no clothes ! Something most of us understood.

  • Martin B

    Don’t forget that Hollywood is full of Obamabots. The leaked emails show that Amy Pascal & her fellow Sony execs had the gall to make jokes about the Messiah, so now they’re pariahs. This lets Hollywood people hide their craven cowardice beneath a veneer of principle – they won’t come to the defense of racist Obama-haters. Or maybe they’re just afraid of what the world would find out if THEIR emails got hacked, who knows.

  • Everyone Else

    You’re wrong about this, not “Hollywood”.

    You say: “Hollywood loves to trumpet how brave and courageous they are what with being the self-proclaimed guardians of civilization”.

    The story content of the movies is about being brave and courageous. However, the people making the movies aren’t brave and courageous. Movie content is 100% market-driven. The industry is completely focussed on figuring out what the audience wants and giving it to them. Move makers are no more courageous than dress makers or car manufacturers.

    You can dislike the “Hollywood” limousine liberals, but your hyperbole is over the top: “Hollywood is populated by truly awful people, horrible liberal hypocrites deserving of their own special circle of hell.” Most of your disappointment is the result of your erroneous expectations, not a particularly high level of evil within the movie industry.

    I pen this criticism as a friend and fan of your website. Your other major points of view are far too valuable to be diminished by scattershot at an industry undeserving of wrath.

    Finally, as far as the Sony hack is concerned, history may well prove it’s a battle in a larger war between China and Japan who have a long and bloody history of conflict, and are currently fighting over some islands with potentially valuable maritime resources. In some conflicts there are identifiable good guys and bad guys, but in most others that simplistic approach can lead to false conclusions.

    • Clink9

      Is this Roman Polanski?

      • Everyone Else

        Shucks, you got me.

  • DVult

    The want to be seen as brave and courageous. Actually being so not so much.