Doubts Linger in Some Minds Over North Korea’s Role in Sony Hack


Even after the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s official statement that North Korea was behind the Sony attack, many cybersecurity experts are still skeptical the hermit nation is truly the culprit, citing a lack of new and more convincing evidence.

It’s mostly a repeat of information that has been in the public before,” Rob Graham, chief executive officer of research firm Errata Security, said of the FBI’s statement issued Friday.

Many prominent names in the field, Graham and others, took to Twitter to express their concern. “I’m completely underwhelmed by the FBI’s ‘proof’ attributing Sony attack to North Korea,” Graham tweeted from his account.

JΞSTΞR ✪ ACTUAL™ Thinks the NorK connection is absolute crap too, and quite frankly, I trust his judgment much more than I trust my own FBI when it comes to cyber security and who the real bad actors are out there. He thinks the North Koreans just don’t have the talent and that this is half “inside job” (unhappy employee level and not Sony Corporate) and half street-level criminal hacking and does not involve a nation state at all.