Dear Readers: I grow discouraged, but I have some news: Tessa says she does not want anyone to ride with her!

The Twitter avatar of Tessa Kum, an idolized figure alleged to be a kind humanitarian (@sirtessa). Her Twitter profile reads “cranky little hermit crab”

Since I have Google alerts, I see almost every news story from Canada, the US, the UK or Australia that contains the word “Islam” or “Muslim”. If I see another story about Tessa Kum I am going to be ill:

Why humanity needs a ticket to ride

…Man Haron Monis slithered into the Lindt Café in Martin Place, armed with a shotgun and murderous intent, and blew not only my editorial but two innocent lives, a city’s sense of ease and the comfort of God knows how many people who will suffer as a result of his lunacy, to smithereens.

There is little I can say to add anything meaningful that hasn’t already been said but I can’t bring myself to write of anything else, so deeply has this event moved, touched, angered or bewildered so many of us.

I wouldn’t have thought that, following the extraordinary coverage of Phillip Hughes’ untimely death, mainstream and social media could best their efforts at one-upmanship. But best it they did.

Much of the coverage was commendable; some was downright abhorrent and insensitive (I’m looking at you, Rupert Murdoch) but one simple message eclipsed them all. The quiet act of compassion from a young Sydney woman, who vowed to “ride with” anyone of the Muslim faith who felt threatened in any way from the fall-out from Monis’ actions, became an instant and global sensation.

No, don’t send her hate Tweets. But consider: if a white person had written like her about some other race they would have their blog taken down pronto and be an ‘unperson’. Yet simply because she is half-Chinese, she is allowed to write her hateful messages and even worse, to be written up worshipfully  by idiot reporters.

This is sheer insanity.  Yes, I do object to her writing that she hates me because of something beyond my control and then be praised to the skies.

And no, I am very far from being a ‘white supremacist’.  I was exposed to a wide variety of people in Vancouver (ironically, mostly Chinese, at least in the early days).  My family never used racist slurs (neither do I), nor did they give me any particular suggestion that people should be disliked simply because they were of a difference ethnicity. I am not opposed to immigration (if they slowed it down some) and kept out Muslims (and yes, I am sure there are many decent Muslims but there are very few at all in my area and I have met few).

Oddly enough, she does not happy in this Dec 19 tweet:

In her latest post, she has toned down her language noticeably, but still gets in a dig about “White Saviour Complex,” and then says that she personally would not like some stranger offering to ride with her!

But I have to say, the thought of anyone deciding to approach me in public in order to protect me for my own sake without considering that, like everyone on public transport, I just want to be left alone; that thought rather gets my hackles up.

I have a severe of Islamonausea just now.  Our society is sick and I cannot fix it. I feel like walking away from the news and going back to something more pleasant.  Maybe some cross-stitching?

  • Mickey Oberman

    I have never heard of Tessa Kum.
    Am I missing anything?

    • She’s the idiot who started the #iwillridewithyou twitter hashtag, which took off but flamed our when people realized Tessa Kum was a racist and the incident that spurred creation of the hashtag was a lie.

      • Frau Katze

        It was just spin. There was no woman in distress, and Ms #Illridewithyou says she doesn’t want anyone to ride with her because she’s an angry, cranky person.

        This is the fakest “humanitarian” story I’ve heard in a while.

    • Just a thought

      Judging from the photo, no.

    • Frau Katze

      It’s related to that terror attack in Sydney. Her name is not well known, but the #illridewithyou hashtag she came up with has been a smash hit.

      Except she’s a hateful woman.

      • winniec

        But it’s ok to hate white males since Cultural Marxism has officially designated white males as ‘perpetrators’ of European civilization which blocks the implementation of Marxist totalitarianism.

    • WalterBannon

      You are missing out on nausea

  • Just a thought

    “I just want to be left alone”

    You got it, sister! No argument from me on that.

  • winniec

    Does she even know what the Islamic veil denotes? It denotes the veiled woman is the absolute property of a man! The Islamic veil denotes that the veiled woman is a victim of the Islamic Stockholm syndrome. The Islamic veil says the woman wearing it kisses the hand that whips her and keeps her enslaved for life. The Islamic veil says the unveiled woman may be raped. The Islamic veil says the veiled woman believes in Islamic misogyny and Islamic supremacism. She believes in sex slaves. She believes in child marriage. She believes in second class citizenship for all non-Muslims. She is saying she has no use for the Golden Rule, gender equality or religious equality.
    Would this idiot ride with a man wearing the KKK hood? Would she ride with a woman wearing white supremacist tattoos? Would she ride with a man wearing a Nazi helmet and swastikas? The Islamic veil is as supremacist as those other symbols. The Islamic veil is a POLITICAL SYMBOL OF SUPREMACISM, ENSLAVEMENT AND MISOGYNY…not of religious devotion…at all!

  • Just a thought

    You, know, that drapery rod she’s wearing on her face is conspicuously missing it’s drapes. Where’s a burka when you need one?!

  • Rosenmops

    I’m going to have nightmares after seeing the picture of this demented b*tch again.

    • Frau Katze

      She’s a strange one, all right.

  • blehblehbleh

    Tessa is just another mentally unstable half-breed doing what they do, attacking white people because they loath themselves and think that doing so will somehow
    gain them some kind of credibility and acceptance from their brown side.

    No matter where you look, reserves, the media, “social justice” groups…..etc
    the most violent and outspoken ones calling for violence and destruction are usually…. half white.

    Farrakhan, Malcolm X…. Obama…. Palmater……. Theresa Spence…..
    Louis Riel ….the list goes on and on and on throughout history.

    Studies have shown that Biracial… Asian/Native/White…Black/white people
    have a disproportionate level of mental health issues…. 34%… which means it’s likely higher….

    • Frau Katze

      Interesting. Thanks for the link. How strange.

      • blehblehbleh

        Anyone who’s had any real experience dealing with half-breeds will attest to it, they have serious stability issues, prone to extreme rage, especially towards their white half.

        Look at groups and native reserves, the ring leaders are usually half-breeds, it’s usually them seeking the leadership out the leadership roles trying to throw off their white half.

        Personally I think there’s a strong genetic component to it
        but that’s a big no no to research, so they’ll just stick with the racism makes them that way, yadda yadda.