Al Sharpton’s Protesters Chant for Dead Cops and Then Get Them

Al Sharpton has been a guest of Obama over 61 times, at the White House since 2009.

Oh, and two NYPD police officers were murdered execution style as they ate lunch in their car today, but I’m sure there is probably no relation to any of this.

Their killer was a black male (as per his Instagram account).

UPDATE: The dirt flows in on this guy (via twitter) by the moment.

And a somewhat observant Muslim! (he celebrates Eid and likes to burn American flags – when he’s not killing cops)

Props to “The Pundit Press” for being on top of this.



  • minuteman


  • Waffle

    And so it begins?

    • Clausewitz

      Beat me too it.

  • Xavier

    Here’s the working Instagram pic link.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I grabbed a copy that does not have the names obscured

      • Xavier

        I just noticed it says RIPErivGardner…

        ‘riv’ must be one of those ethnic nicknames like dawg or nigga and it’s been a couple weeks so I’m sure he’s ripe by now!

  • The Goat

    The blood is on Al Sharpton’s, Eric Holder’s, and Barack Obama’s hands.

    • Ho Hum

      I would ad all the race baiters in the media especially CNN and MSNBC, The Mayor of New York, Michelle Obama

    • Frau Katze

      But they won’t take it. They’re race-baiting sleazeballs enabled by insane leftists.

    • David Murrell

      The perp mentioned somewhere that he was going to kill two cops, to avenge the white-cop-on-black killings that the organized left (and Obama-Holder) have been agitating about, for so long now. So there is a link.

  • Ho Hum
  • Ho Hum
  • A dream come true for them.

  • barryjr

    The start of the civil insurrection that will lead to Obama declaring marshal law and cancelling the 2016 election. Due to racial divides Obama will declare himself ruler for life and the mainstream media will applaud his sacrifice to transform America into a minority workers utopia at great personal risk from right wing Caucasian bigots.

    • Xavier

      Or, Michelle runs and wins with overwhelming immigrant votes (and Acorn!). Kind of like the 2-4-1 special at KFC.

    • He’d like to.

      • simus1

        Hill the Pill by then be restin’ up, hopin’ her two broken legs heal straight.
        Can’t run far or fast after “a bad fall” like that.

    • Clausewitz

      I’ve been saying this since Obama “stole” the 2012 election through fraud. He will never relinquish his throne willingly.

  • Xavier

    I wonder if the black community in NY realizes what this violent Moslem nigra has just unleashed on them?

    • Exile1981

      Doubtful, Al has been calling for this for years. This is how a race war starts; a nut kills two cops because a black guy died in police custody. Now the cops will be even more likely to shoot first if they think idiots like this are coming after them.

      • Xavier

        That’s exactly what I mean in my statement above: the police are going to be “shoot first and ask questions later”. Another dead black – armed or not, Christmas – with schools out and stores packed with shoppers ripe for die-ins, people in a rush to get home for the holidays, blocked by human chains on the highways, and the race-baiters juxtaposing Christmas with dead baabees! who won’t be singing in the church choir ever again. A perfect storm, maybe.

        • Exile1981

          I’ll avoid the crowds at Christmas; not just because of the threat of this sort of racial violence but also because large gatherings attract terrorists as well.

        • Justin

          Police can’t simply shoot and choke so many people to death with impunity. At some point, people will be fed up with this kind of police and judicial brutality and react out of anger and frustration. The best thing to avoid this is if authorities immediately indict any police officer who murders an unarmed civilian.

          • Xavier

            You’re saying ignore the law to appease rioters? Who exactly decides what “murder” is, you?

            And who got choked to death?

          • Exile1981

            He died hours later after being checked out by the hospital so how is it a choking death?

  • Ron MacDonald
    • mauser 98

      more to follow

  • mauser 98

    Sharpton , DiBlasio wear this one

  • Xavier

    Muslim NYPD Brooklyn Cop Killer Sold Kill George Zimmerman T-Shirts

    • Justin

      This kind of thing is what happens when authorities refuse to charge
      many, many police members who clearly shoot and choke unarmed civilians to death. Imagine a police officer shoots and kills a 12 year old kid who was carrying a toy gun and then some “grand jury” decides that there is no enough evidence to indict him/her and if this kind of thing keeps happening
      people will somehow take the law into own hands react at some point. The best thing, authorities can do is to immediately indict any police officer who murders an unarmed civilian. The life a civilian should NOT be cheaper than the life of a police officer.

      • minuteman

        Agreed. In the Toronto paper last week there was a story of a woman who went to help another women who she found screaming behind her store as she was leaving work. A cop showed up and she pointed the cop in the direction that a fleeing man went. The cop proceeded to beat the daylight out of her, permanently cripple her and charge her with assaulting a cop and resisting arrest. He would not turn his notes over to the SIU and they cleared him. Three years of fighting and she is just getting through her trial for assaulting the cop and the cop is still on the street. This happens a lot. I think the cops are becoming an ill disciplined rabble, and their leadership tolerates it.

        • Xavier

          Look, you guys don’t know my history. I’ve been on the receiving end of police brutality and false charges, and the only reason I’m not a convicted felon is because a black police officer stood up in court, unexpectedly, and told the judge that the white cop who beat me was lying and used excessive force. After 30+ years I still have physical problems related to that incident.

          But the disinformation you’re spreading isn’t fair to the good police – and not every protester is innocent. Someone set those fires; someone killed those cops; someone said “burn this bitch down”. If you really want justice, be honest with yourselves and the rest of us – otherwise you’re just another troll to ignore.

          • Justin

            You are obviously more forgiving than me Xavier, but I really found most police officers to be robotic, ignorant and gang-like in the way they behave. As for the people who were uttering the anti-police words that you mentioned, their behavior is totally unsurprising to me, because that is may be the best way they can vent their anger and frustration. May be that is the only thing they can do after their unarmed loved one was shot and murdered by a police officer and then some biased “grand jury” decides not to indict the killer cop.

          • Xavier

            You do a disservice to your fellow citizens by refusing to respect the findings of a Grand Jury.

            I really don’t think Brown or Garner was a “loved one” of the vast majority of protesters causing problems for businesses and citizens who had absolutely nothing to do with their deaths. Peaceful protest is legal, and even admirable, but what they’re doing is foolish and antagonistic. Reap what ye sow.

          • I agree, NYPD Officers Turn Backs on NYC Mayor De Blasio – Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

        • Frau Katze

          From a remote Victoria, BC suburb, I cannot figure out what is really going on.

          • In an earlier age, we would call Sharpton a “rabble rouser”; that may provide some context.

          • Frau Katze

            I know about Sharpton. But as to the charge of racist white cops, I have zero experience to go by.

          • That charge is true; there are plenty of cops who hate blacks. It’s also true that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of the crime here. And so we get the vicious cycle that powers our national agony regarding race.

          • Justin

            Enjoy your iced bourbon and detach your self from this crazed world for a while!


        • Xavier

          There have always been bad police, and they get all the publicity, just like criminal blacks. The good police cover for them – also like the law abiding black community – because blood is thicker than mud. That’s the real problem.

        • Justin

          That is right. Even in the last 3 years there were seven mentally disturbed people (six men and one older lady) who was shot a killed by the GTA police in the streets. One of the men had his hospital gowns on when the police shot him dead near Toronto East General Hospital and out of those seven police-perpetrated murders, only one police officer was charged with a crime after a huge public out cry. I personally found most of the cops to be robotic and gang-like in their behaviors. As I said, police will not be murdering civilians with impunity forever, at some point, some angry people will react out of frustration and take the law into their own hands.

          • b_marco

            It’s understandable that you would be concerned about your local police shooting mentally disturbed people.

        • God. Do you have a link to that?

      • Xavier

        You clearly have problems dealing with reality.

        • Justin

          What do you mean?
          The reality is that there are cops who shoot and choke and murder unarmed civilians (including 12 year kids with toy guns) with impunity and unless the authorities indict and charge these killer cops there will be NO justice.

          • Xavier

            The reality of having to make a split-second decision in a world where 12 year old kids really do have real guns sometimes.

            That is the reality. There is no “bad guy gets 3 free shots before we draw” rule. Sometimes tragedies happen; it is not a conspiracy to kill black children.

          • Justin

            Tragedies do happen that is true.
            But the man on the video that New York cops are chocking to death is NOT tragedy indeed. The dead guy repeats “I can’t breath” eleven times while he is kept squeezed from behind by a crazed cop and other cops pushed him down to the ground with their knees and hands. And yet with all that evidence some “grand jury” found the killer cop nonchargeable? COME ON! This is totally, totally unacceptable and my feeling is that, people will NOT be silent over this. Things will NOT calm down!

          • Xavier

            Alright. Show me the coroner’s report that says Garner died of choking.

          • Justin
          • Xavier

            Justin, I understand you’re upset. We would be callous to ignore people dieing for what appears to be an unjust reason. One thing to remember though is that the law, and particularly a jury trial, is the best form of justice on the earth. Imperfect? Sometimes. But I’d rather put my fate in a group of my peers than a single judge who might be biased, or bribed, or just in a bad mood.

            Something I’ve noticed is that a lot of people saw that video of Garner being taken down and say he was choked to death, when in fact he wasn’t choked at all. Let me explain.

            Watch the video closely. You’ll see the police officer’s arms are pressing on the sides of Garner’s neck – that’s to cut off the blood supply to the brain through the carotid arteries. Look at the cop’s inner elbow, in front of Garner’s throat – you can see daylight there. That’s no choke hold. The coroner reported there was no windpipe damage and I can tell you, even a short choke hold will give you a raw and raspy windpipe for a couple days.

            Bottom line: no choke hold, and no choke hold death. If you want to claim murder, use something else instead of this easily disprovable argument.

            I want you to understand that I and most people here are not gloating over a senseless death. But when a person with major health issues chooses to engage in an altercation with the police over a trivial issue, well, the chips fall where they may. To me, the real tragedy is that blacks are allowing themselves to be led to the slaughter – or jail – in these foolish protests that assist the race-baiters and do nothing to address the real issues concerning the black community.

      • mauser 98

        Barry vastly militarized the US police state
        some police departments are out of control. some real boss hog towns around

        this does not justify NY cop executions of course
        i will stay out of NYC for a long time

        Obama:We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

        Read more:

  • mauser 98
  • Pontifex Maximus

    Bella, horrida bella, et Thybrim multo spumantem sanguine cerno.

    • Exile1981


  • Pontifex Maximus

    De Blasio and Sharpton should urgently leave the US for a long holiday!

  • DMB
  • What are we dealing with here precisely? “From NYC PBA”:

    “Absolutely NO enforcement action in the form of arrests and or summonses is to be taken unless absolutely necessary and the individual MUST be placed under arrest.”

    Well, so what were you arresting people over before?

    Okay, so does this constitute a departmental edict or what the hell is it? Can the NYPD just announce it’s not going to do its job? But I assume this isn’t a strike, right?

    Is it a fake? Some people are claiming it is.

    And everyone on Twitter is retweeting this and saying OMG, this means war!!!, but I honestly have no idea what this all means. All I know is that everyone seems to be reacting, if you’ll excuse a little vulgarity, like a pack of hyper 14-year-olds on the rag.

    • James Hamilton

      Gentlemen, we are heading for police states. Criminals & mohammedan terrorists would still be operating with impunity, it’ll be the common man who’d be under scrutiny & 24hr surveillance.

    • Xavier

      Police have discretion to make arrests or not, in many cases. You’re an asshole, you go to jail. Cooperate, get off with a warning.

      • All that means is that they can arrest you if they don’t like you. That’s not rule of law, that’s rule of thug.

        And now, if this thing is true (and it’s been making the rounds on Twitter, and from people who aren’t usually fools) they’re apparently – what – threatening to not execute their thuggery?

        It’s weird and stupid.

        • Xavier

          First – I am not defending the police. They are imperfect at best and thugs or worse in many cases. But when oh lets say half the blacks and half the uber-libs want you dead it’s prudent to take precautions.

          If the police statement is true, it means the police are going into a defensive posture. And who can blame them?

          And as for police discretion in making arrests, they do have that power in lesser crimes. It may seem like ‘rule of thug’ but I’d bet more often it works in the other direction, ‘rule of second chance’.

          I posted above about a rather, er, up close and personal encounter I had with a police officer a few decades ago – it has undoubtedly colored my perception of the police – I don’t trust them – but I also know they aren’t all bad. But, big city police are a lot more brutal than the rural Barney Fifes I know out here in the woods.

          • I agree with much of what you say and i’m not totally naive but I think the cops want more than they deserve.

            This recent hysteria is so absurd that I almost think absurdity must be the point. None who can count to five could come to the conclusion that white-on-black-homicide is a significant problem, and Trayvon Martin/Michael Brown are two of the lamest poster boys imaginable.

            I hate this atmosphere of general hysteria and I loathe the notion that I’m siding with violent felons, cold-blooded cop murderers and Al Sharpton if I don’t fawningly declare that all police are a combo of Dudley Do-Right and Superman. (I’m not saying that’s your position, I just mean it’s been all over everything for hours.) Nobody’s talking like a grown-up right now.

            Anyway I’m tired. Good night.

          • Xavier

            This will probably be off the page in the morning, but…

            This is all to stir dissent – never let a crisis go to waste – and allow the federal government seize more power from the states. If you step back and look, Sharpton and Obama are encouraging blacks to die to promote their causes – wealth and power. The MSM is also distracted from Syria and Islam and the numerous administration scandals and Obama’s never ending march toward socialism.

            So, yes, it is absurd. But it’s not without purpose.

            Good night. 😉

          • b_marco

            Are you in the US? My experience here in Canada has been the opposite. Our rural cops are RCMP who are a total crap shoot, and, too often, high order a-holes. Maybe I’m spoiled. The Winnipeg police are very good.

          • Xavier

            Yes, I’m in the States. The police in rural communities have an opportunity to know everyone and frequently they’re a friend of a friend or related to someone I know. The big city police seem a lot more brutal, assume everyone is guilty, and many are bullies on a power trip. The State Police, in my eyes, are the most professional LEOs we have.

            One thing we have going for us where I live is a program that gives ordinary citizens training to support the local police force as unpaid volunteers. This lets them perform tasks the patrol police would normally do, like guiding parking at high school football games (which the police force charges the school for) and also for assistance at accidents and other emergencies. The result is that more police can do “real” police work and there’s a good rapport between the community and police force.

        • b_marco

          Our legal tradition rests on the seemingly lost idea of “the reasonable man”.. whether cop,, judge, lawyer, citizen, whatever. IMNSHO that’s a major “root cause” for a whole lotta crap.

          • BillyHW would say that letting women vote was responsible for a lot of that.

          • b_marco

            … I’d have to disagree (and not only in a cause-effect way) 😛

    • Exile1981

      The PBA is the police association, but not the union. Once you retire your still a PBA member but no longer a union member. The PBA does fund raising for the children of cops killed; helps the widows and families out with things like arranging funerals and provides an honor guard for the families and slain cops. They also have social functions.

  • Tom Forsythe

    This is proof that all the hate the left accuses conservatives of having is a projection of their own feelings. Nobody celebrated when Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown were killed; it was seen as a tragic loss of life, even though the shootings were completely justified.

    The spite and hatred that is being showed by the left, as two (non-white) families grieve just days before Christmas, proves that they are not motivated by fairness, justice, or love.

  • NYPD Officers Turn Backs on NYC Mayor De Blasio – Breitbart via @BreitbartNews

  • Apparently, the gunman has taken himself out of the equation.