US: Rockland County Jewish Legislator Receives ‘Islamic State’ Threat

A Jewish legislator in Rockland County is living in fear following the receipt of a threatening picture in which his face is superimposed on the body of a prisoner about to be beheaded by the Islamic State terrorist organization.

Legislator Aron Wieder (D-Spring Valley,) said the chilling color image was sent in an envelope postmarked from Monsey to his county office and that he opened it while the Legislature was in session on Monday.

“I opened the letter and I was completely shocked. I literally had shivers running down my spine,” Wieder said afterwards. “It’s meant to intimidate and to shock. If it’s someone who is sympathetic toward ISIS or someone who is hateful toward the Orthodox community is no matter, it’s equally disgusting”…

It could be from anyone: a Muslim (the name of the sender was given as ‘Moshe Muhammad’), or a plain vanilla anti-Semite.