US: Muslim woman suing Cuyahoga County – says she forced to attend Christian prayer service while in jail

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A Muslim woman says Cuyahoga County jailers violated her constitutional rights by forcing her to attend Christian prayer services while she served a jail sentence, according to a federal lawsuit filed on Thursday.

Sakeena Majeed, a 24-year-old Rocky River resident, alleges county corrections officer Regina Watts forced her, under threat of solitary confinement, to attend weekly services after she was assigned to an area of the jail for low-level offenders.

Majeed’s lawsuit states that another officer whose first name she doesn’t know “openly chastised and mocked her” when she refused to actively participate in the services.

Majeed was released from the jail in June after serving a 60-day jail sentence on a misdemeanor assault conviction. She had been accused of assaulting two Cleveland police officers and a third man…

  • Don’t hit the cops.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      That simple piece of advice has served me very well over the years.

  • I’m sorry, if she was genuinely forced to attend services, by threats of retaliation, that is absolutely not on.

    I doubt it’s true, but maybe I’m wrong and it is true. I have read horrible and very well verified accounts of the extremely illegal behaviour of guards in some prisons. If this is real, it’s not a joke.

    • Pete_Brewster

      No it isn’t. All here would have been horrified if a Christian inmate had been dragged to a Muslim service.

      That and dragging Fatima to a Christian service is like trying to teach a pig to sing—it wastes your time and annoys the pig. If it were likely to do any good she wouldn’t have needed dragging. Souls can’t be saved that don’t want saving.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Your intuition is right. Most places, if you don’t want to go to services, just leave you in your cell. Many inmates go to religious services because it’s a diversion from sitting inside your jail cell all day.
      Also, in a minimum security prison, the big threat isn’t solitary confinement but getting transferred to a much less pleasant ‘medium security’ prison.
      Muslims sure like to lie a lot.

      • My female intuition must be failing me. I don’t know whether you’re disagreeing with me or not.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Wouldn’t you like to know!

          Yes, I’m agreeing that the story is almost certainly made up.

          • Well i think it is too but, as a for-the-sake-of-argument thing, if she’s not lying, she has a case.

            Equivocation is hellish; just read Macbeth. If they have that in California.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Sure we have ‘equivocation’ in California.

          • Shakespeare? πŸ™‚

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Oh no, it’s not noon yet.

          • It’s not 4:10 yet here. Is the scuba diving good where you are? Do you know? I haven’t dove/dived/doven since I was in Australia.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            The SCUBA diving around here is marginal.
            Cloudy and cold water and not that much to see. They do a bit by the kelp beds by Point Loma and off Catalina Island, and there is Wreck Alley too, but not too much other than that.
            It’s nothing like the Bahamas, Florida, or Hawaii. Likely nothing as good as Australia.

            Molokini in Hawaii is the best snorkeling that I have ever seen, but that was in 1980 when I was a kid. It’s probably still good. It really was like being in a Jacques Cousteau film.

          • I wouldn’t mind. *Sigh*

            There’s any numbers of shipwrecks here, – – but nothing survives in these waters. Anyway it’s too cold, not pleasant.

            I miss Oz.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            One day I’d like to go.
            I’d still want to see more of Europe before the Muslims trash the joint.

          • Europe?

            I don’t blame you, DbN. We all understand that California is a sort of weird planet… full of Mexicans…

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            The Mexicans are not really THAT bad. The aging child stars are the WORST!

  • roccolore

    Of course, Hamas-linked CAIR will defend her.

    • Alain

      Along with Obama’s DOJ.

  • dingo ate my baby

    dont go to jail. its that simple
    if she didnt break the law she never would have been in that spot
    they shouldnt have put her in jail just leave her in her house and wrap the house in bacon=boom house arrest!

    • All cops = Totally Right Always Heros!
      Everyone arrested/ convicted = They deserve anything coming to them
      Every horrible violation of law and morality that happens in jail = Well you deserve it!

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        County jail, depending on the county of course, isn’t THAT bad.
        They usually do a pretty good job of segregating the serious trouble-makers and psychos from the more low key inmates, that is unless you are arrested for something really bad, then you will be tossed in with the psychos and murderers.
        If you have a good attitude and follow ‘the golden rule’, you will typically coast through the experience, the vast majority of the time.
        However, if you are looking for trouble, you are going to find it there.
        That’s why I really doubt this woman’s story. No guard would ever care if you went to church services or not.

  • WalterBannon

    A shame that she was not summarily executed..

    • I agree. Everyone, upon arrest, should be “summarily executed”.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Well, that would reduce prison overcrowding. πŸ˜‰

  • cargosquid

    She wasn’t forced to attend. Those officers were respectfully providing her with a chance to convert those misguided Christians to Islam.

    • She alleges they were threatening her. Maybe she’s lying, but maybe she’s not and why would you automatically side with prison guards? Because they’re such saints?

      • cargosquid

        I was being sarcastic.

        • Well I’ve been caught out on that one too. Notoriously, there is no “tone” online.

          If we had a sense of who you were we’d be able to calibrate irony and such.

          “providing her with a chance to convert those misguided Christians to Islam.”

          Yes, I guess if I’d read that more carefully I’d have detected the satire. You win.

          • cargosquid


  • roccolore

    In Oklahoma, a Christian police officer is FORCED to attend a terror mosque sermon.

  • Dana Garcia

    Why isn’t CAIR there, holding her hand and spouting off? Doesn’t Cleveland have oodles of Allahbots to be protected from meanie Americans?

    • Frau Katze

      Give them a few hours to crank out a press release.

  • Petrilla

    Lies, no doubt. Great way to get your very own taquiya. And here I was worrying about the shame of assaulting 2 police officers and another man. Is there such a thing as shame in this world anymore? Or truth?