Suicide bombers kill at least seven in Yemen port: sources

(Reuters) – Suicide attackers set off two car bombs in Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hodeida on Thursday, killing themselves and seven other people, sources in the Shi’ite Muslim Houthi movement and medical officials told Reuters.

Three other suspected bombers were killed by members of a local security patrol before they were able to attack, the Houthi sources said.

“The bombs rocked the city. They were targeting a building that belonged to Houthi movement officials,” said a resident.

Yemen has been in turmoil since Houthi fighters captured the capital Sanaa in September and forced the government of Prime Minister Mohammed Basindwa to resign. A Houthi expansion south and west of the capital has led to clashes with Sunni tribesmen allied to al Qaeda, with scores of casualties on both sides.

The Houthis sources said “takfiris”, a derogatory term for hardline Sunni Islamists who see Shi’ites as infidels, were behind Thursday’s attack…

Also: Yemeni women fear Houthis are restricting freedoms (Reuters) – When Yemeni Arwa Othman took a dance at the headquarters of a political party in Sanaa, she exposed the kind of deep hostility that is worrying women’s rights campaigners now that Houthi rebels control the capital.

Othman presented an unusual sight in conservative Yemen, where most women are shrouded in black, but all she was doing was celebrating a national holiday last September.

Nevertheless, the prominent activist was immediately subjected to a barrage of criticism from hardline Islamists as well as supporters of the Houthi rebels, a Shi’ite group which had taken over Sanaa a few days earlier.