Michael Moore: ‘Cuba’s Pissy Whiny Neighbor Grows Up’

Few people are more contemptible than this transparent sociopath. I would say this kind of thing about very few people; however, given that, with his almost supernatural obesity, Moore’s clearly been living on borrowed time for years, I think it would be nice if his last hours on Earth were spent in one of the filthy rat-infested third world deathtraps to which he’s done his best to consign so many

  • David Murrell

    Michael Moore has always aligned himself with totalitarian, fascist dictatorships. Just after North Korea did its cyber-hit-job on Sony Pictures, this slob-movie producer said something to the effect that Sony had it coming. If one would allow Mr. Moore to tour a concentration camp (either Cuban or North Korean) this jackboot would be all smiles.

  • I don’t know why Moore, the left-wing CBC, et cetera are so excited. Opening diplomatic relations with Cuba simply means that the U.S. can now spy on Castro using its embassy as a front and legally claim “diplomatic immunity”; likewise it means that Cuban can now spy on the U.S. using its embassy as a front and claim immunity — so long as Cuba uses registered diplomats to do the dirty work.
    In the past, both countries had to run “deep cover illegals” with no immunity — hence spies from both countries always ended up in prison when they were caught. Although with millionaire dupes like Moore around Cuba has always had the advantage — no professional spy training required for Hollywood elites to successfully subvert the U.S.!

    • Pete_Brewster

      They have embassies in each other’s capitals. They’re just not called that. The US Interests section of the Swiss embassy in Havana occupies a whole office block—the same one where the US embassy used to be. Cuba occupies a fine mansion in DC.

    • Maurixio Garcia S

      Hijo de puta sigue fumando crack pedaso mierda sin cerebro.

      • Minicapt
      • Bueno colchon, tu inteligencia ni sobrepasa la misma de tu padre el mono. Cual es tu punto?

        • Maurixio Garcia S

          Mi punto es el mismo que tu padre uso cuando te hiso en una borrachera por eso nacistes bien pendejo.

  • roccolore

    Lardass Moore loves Communism, but lives the capitalist lifestyle. He wouldn’t have a net work of $50 million in Cuba.

    • Hard Little Machine

      Sure he would. And he’d laugh at the misery of ordinary people.