Maryland School Board Bows To CAIR’s Demands, Ads Islamic Holiday To Calendar…

In November I had a twitter exchange with the man who sponsored* this, Saqib Ali, and the upshot was that the dirtbag refuses to denounce the murder of off-duty Israeli soldiers (specifically this incident). Hero that he is, he’s since blocked me, so I can’t find the damning tweets.

What kind of people aren’t ashamed to associate with trash like Saqib Ali? Instead he’s successfully Islamizing American schools.

*I don’t believe he’s actually behind it because engaging with him made it painfully clear that he’s a complete dolt and left to his own devices probably wouldn’t be able to think up a plan to order pizza.

  • They, like ourselves are going to have to learn the hard way that you do not grant Islam an inch.

    • It shocks me that supporting the terrorist murder of off-duty soldiers is considered perfectly acceptable, nothing to see here, perfectly nice chap, should be involved in school policy.

      It can’t always have been like this, can it?

      • jayme

        They don’t want to be equal they want North America to eb a islamic state.

  • I think they should celebrate FGM day. That way everyone is included.

  • DVult

    How about Armenian genocide day? Also Assyrian genocide day, Greek genocide day, Copt genocide day, Hindu genocide day, etc.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile anything to do with the Christian faith is being stamped out. All you see and hear on the cbc and the rest of the media is “Happy Holidays” and decorating the Holiday Tree. Even the former Catholic hospital in Ottawa has gotten rid of the traditional nativity scene due to complaints from faith groups, and the trees inside are called Holiday Trees.

    • Minicapt

      … “anti-faith groups” …