Europe Needs an anti-ISIS Playbook

For decades, European governments have made multiculturalism an integral part of their social agendas, particularly with respect to immigrant Muslim communities. The core values were supposed to be pluralism and individual freedom, but in practice multiculturalism has only stoked radical Islam’s unyielding nature and enabled it to subvert European society.

Many immigrant Muslim groups have not only been able to segregate themselves from the larger community. They have also made strident demands of national lawmakers and local authorities for, among other things, the right to exercise Shariah law, to impose Islamic educational principles and to prioritize perceived Muslim sensitivities over Europe’s liberal norms.

  • winniec

    Here’s what I recommend: a Devil’s Island probably an international NATO facility where only a few thousand inmates will be left virtually free and at low cost to make their own lives. Give them personal tents, sleeping bags and bags of meals-ready-to-eat. They will live out their lives as virtual monkeys or stray cats with no radios, TV’s or electronic devices to communicate with one another or the outside world. Because they are cut off from the outside, no one will know anything about their condition and they will know nothing about the world. It will be as if they do not even exist.

    • tom_billesley

      Sounds like North Korea without an internet connection..

    • pdxnag

      The one-way hajj?

  • Hard Little Machine

    I don’t see a problem. Some get killed and the ones who don’t come back home, organize and become the political force in their respective countries. Enact Sharia and get to genocides and whatnot. Just look at Sweden today. They’re THRILLED to be going down with the ship.

  • Minicapt