Cherson & Molschky: Germans Tire of Muslim Immigrants

Sign reads ‘Stop the Islamization of Europe’. The site PI-News is German language Politically Incorrect.

Germans are protesting to make their voices heard. Are liberal politicians listening?

Germans feel like strangers in their own country and fear one day to wake up in an Islamic ghetto. Although the local media do all they can to keep it quiet, over 75% of Germans support the ideas of the new national movement PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West)…

…Every week dozens of Germans, not some “radicals” or “hot heads”, but regular Germans get out in the streets to protest against the Islamization of their native country.

In Dresden on December 10, the number of these protesters was about 15,000.The leaders of the protest categorically rejected all accusations of “Islamophobia”, “racism” and other standard labels put forth by the liberals against those who refuse to follow their line, and declared that their goal is to defend the Western values of the Judeo-Christian civilization…