BBC ‘Too White’ and ‘Failing to Tackle Radical Islam’

A former Director General of the BBC and its Director of News have both raised concerns about standards they say the public broadcaster is not meeting.

Lord Birt, who ran the BBC from 1992 to 2000 told a conference at London City University that the organisation was failing to address the “awesomely difficult questions” of the current climate including the economy and the threat of radical Islam, the Telegraph reports.

Enders_2815357bWalford in EastEnders features twice as many white people as real-life Walthamstow in East London (Source).

And James Harding, who is in charge of the news output for the broadcaster which covers TV, radio and internet said that it better serves “rich, old, white people” than those from poorer background and ethnic minorities, according to the Daily Mail. He insisted the corporation must “redress the balance” and cater for all.

The BBC is funded by the compulsory license fee, which costs the same for everyone regardless of age or income. Those who don’t pay it risk prosecution, a court appearance and a fine of up to £1,000 (not including legal costs).

Lord Birt said there needed to be a different strategy in order to address “the big questions we face.”

“Every economy bar one in the G7 is more productive than the UK – these are the big issues that go undiscussed,” he said.

“If you take current affairs as a whole, it doesn’t have sufficient presence at the moment. I am not alone in thinking that…