What’s with the Turkish World Bulletin: Strange collection of reports

First, there a story touting the new ‘Ottoman language’ keyboard (actually largely Arabic characters used to write Turkish):

A Quran printing company in Turkey has produced an Ottoman Turkish keyboard which is attracting great interest, the company’s chief executive said. The language has seen a marked increase of interest in the recent years, and it will soon become a required course for high school students.

The chief executive of the Ar-Ge Quran printing company, Ali Yildiz, told The Anadolu Agency that the company decided last year to produce at least four thousand keyboards with Ottoman Turkish characters.

According to Yildiz, thousands of people are now taking Ottoman Turkish language courses. “The only difference between the languages is that the Ottoman Turkish language uses the Quran alphabet instead of the Latin,” Yildiz told the AA.

So we are heading full steam back to the Islamic, Ottoman past? But the Bulletin also carries stories on how the EU just loves Turkey and desperately hopes they will soon be a member:

The EU has reaffirmed the importance it attaches to its relations with Turkey, in the wake of an exchange of criticism from both sides in the recent days. “Turkey is a candidate country and a key partner for the EU,” the Council of the European Union said Tuesday in its enlargement resolution. Turkey’s dynamic economy provides a valuable contribution to the prosperity of the European continent, the council said.

More on that subject from the apparently idiotic Italian PM Matteo Renzi:

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Tuesday that the European Union will need to admit Turkey as a member if Turkey demonstrates its commitment to the values for which the EU stands.

The enlargement of Europe, he said, “will have to include also Turkey, naturally on condition that there is respect for the European principles of freedom and democracy, which are incompatible with the arrest of the free press or of the opposition,” referring to the latest wave of arrests in Turkey.

Let us hope that Erdogan continues on Track 1 — obsession with Ottomans and Islam and his numerous enemies that he having arrested so Track 2 is permanently derailed.