This Is Cyberwar, Not Tabloid Fodder

The Sony hacking story has largely been treated as a juicy showbiz gossip scandal. We’re probably going to regret that.

If North Korea is behind the computer hacks and threats to terrorize theaters showing The Interview, it confirms a new era of rogue-state terrorism, one for which there’s no counterterrorism blueprint. According to the New York Times, Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema has killed its scheduled New York premier of the anti-Kim Jong-un comedy. The Hollywood Reporter says that the country’s top five theater chains have pulled out of showing the film. Time says the movie’s stars, James Franco and Seth Rogen, have called off their publicity tour. A spate of film executives are backpedaling for their lives as their emails are picked through and published to viral derision. The Times’s Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes write that the theater threat “opens a new range of worry for Hollywood.”

But the danger is larger and graver than that.

  • David Murrell

    And this morning CNBC Business News is reporting that Sony has cancelled the release of “The Interview” altogether, given mass cancellations of the film by cowardly theatres.
    We can talk all we want about the Sony film leadership being liberal, and pro-Obama. But the posted article is spot on, about the fact that North Korea carried out a successful cyber attack, successful in the sense of getting what it wanted from its intended target, a cancellation of the film. This I do not think never happened before. Before, all North Korea or China has ever done is to hack maliciously, to do damage and to steal. Now the maliciousness has cone to influencing behaviour, successfully.
    What Sony should to is to verbally lambaste the North Koreans, to call them cyber terrorists, and to release the film on DVD and on the internet — to throw their shoulders back and to be proud of their product. But, then again, Sony Films is run by liberals, and liberals cover and cringe before attacks by totalitarian countries. I had though the only people who cower and cringe were Red Tories. But no, regular, line liberals do the same thing.
    Suppose Sony would have fought back. Many people would have gone to see the film, just out of interest. But no, Sony cringes and wets its pants. Too bad. North Korea is a truly evil country. But here, they have won.

    • b_marco

      … who’d have thought North Korea would’ve been the ones to deliver a long overdue reboot to Hollywood?

  • Anyone know where on the web one can download a pirated copy of the film “The Interview”? Must be worth watching.

  • phuque uguugle

    What a bunch of snivelling cowards.Nobody tells me what I can and can’t watch. But I would see this one only because I was told no. I would upload it to the world on principle.<:o)

  • The Infidel

    Thankyou hollyweird, you have just lost a customer for life. You cowardly, terror enabling, weak, gutless, worthless, spineless pieces of faecal matter.

  • ontario john

    The West continues to be weakened by the cowards who run the political and media elites who promote leftist fantasies on the public. We can’t even celebrate Christmas anymore in case we offend someone. All we hear is Happy Holidays nonstop, with the cbc all excited this morning about a new show they have on preparing the perfect “Holiday Card”.

  • marty_p

    The general public should immediately implement a boycott Sony products campaign in response to Sony’s cowardly cave to North Korean terrorism and threats. Neville Chamberlain is alive and well and in charge of Sony.

  • If I ran Sony, I’d stick the North Koreans in the eye.

    I’d put the movie on the internet at a price so low that everyone would watch it.

    And then I’d thank the North Koreans for all the free publicity.

  • ellake

    Sony = new Chamberlain

  • b_marco