“The Rose of Marivan.”

There is a tiny city with a population of 92,000, tucked in between the rocky mountains, at the border of Iran/Iraq in the Kurdistan province.

The name of the city is Marivan.

Marivan is home to the Kurdish people, a nomadic Iranian ethnic people without a recognized homeland, scattered across the regions of Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

The Kurdish people have suffered a very difficult life, persecuted and murdered under the bloody dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, but valiant and courageous in fighting against the barbaric terrorists of ISIS.

After the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Kurdish people were discriminated against by the New Regime, largely because they were Sunni Muslims, who desired an independent existence apart from the dictatorship of Khomeini.

  • simus1

    Kurds in the past have usually only been supported for their cross border irritation value. The soviets supported the PPK uprisings in turkey, saddam supported the iranian Kurds against the ayatoldjahs, and vice versa, etc.
    Once their bargaining chip value outweighed their expense, they were often quickly betrayed or just left without any support by their “sponsors’.