Sony caves to terrorists

Sony has cancelled the release of their film “The Interview” due to terrorist threats from North Korea.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So, for the first time in recent memory we can finally say with a straight face: “the terrorists have won”, but this is a hack and not really “terrorism” any more than some goofball on the Internet threatening you.
    I’m still not entirely convinced this is the Norks, but that’s what the authorities are saying, so there ya go.

    • It’s still up in the air, maybe the norks or maybe just disinformation as the cops zero in on the script kiddies.

    • b_marco

      They’re such a-holes.

      North Korea has also trained and infiltrated agents into the United States for the purpose of attacking U.S. cities and nuclear power plants during a conflict with America, according to a declassified information report from the Defense Intelligence Agency, or DIA

  • Linda1000

    Way O/T – but more bad news from Australia.
    Cairns, Queensland mass stabbing of 8 children in suburb of Manoora. Sounds awful.

  • Canadian

    I`m sure there is no threat from tho commie goons.
    The real danger to Sony lies in the data that was stolen, in my opinion.
    But they sure can`t admit this!
    I bet the servers were protected by “Sony” as a password…

    • It’s a huge embarrassment, Sony just wants all this to go away.

      • Canadian

        Be more careful, next time.

    • Clausewitz

      Factory server setting as shipped “00000”.

  • b_marco
  • Hard Little Machine

    Good thing it wasn’t a movie about the Prophet Mohammed. Then Obama would have the senior executives of SONY arrested.