Shorter Star Opinion Piece: Stop protecting yourselves from Muslim Terrorists it’ll only make it worse.

From Ottawa to Peshawar, religious fundamentalism is a common enemy

“…First, Islamophobia doesn’t make a country stronger; it renders it more vulnerable.

A 2013 Angus Reid survey shows that 54 per cent of Canadians outside of Quebec have a negative perception of Muslims, with Quebecers polling at around 69 per cent. Following the tragic incident in Ottawa, there’s no indication that such attitudes will soften.

At the heart of this trend is the conflation of the Islamic tradition with violence. To an extent, this is the posture taken by the Harper administration, which immediately announced its intention to table laws that would strengthen Canada’s security state. Never mind the studies that emphasize that religion alone cannot be responsible for radicalization. Politics, poverty, alienation and mental illness all tend to play some role at some point.

Over the years, Harper’s cabinet has gutted or maligned a number of Muslim-Canadian organizations. The government’s rhetoric shows that it will pursue more policing and spying on Muslims. This will further alienate the Muslim community. It also gives radical preachers even more power to vend the idea that Canada and the West are at war with Muslims and Islam. Put differently,

Harper’s security-heavy approach actually makes Canadians less safe.

Moreover, wars fuel terrorism. And denying this feeds Islamophobia.”

Yea, we should just roll over for Muhammad.

h/t Ontario John