Paramount is now canceling screenings of Team America: World Police

Just a day after Sony decided to cancel the debut of the embattled comedy The Interview, Paramount Pictures is pulling Team America: World Police from release. The Alamo Drafthouse, which had scheduled Team America as a fill-in for the Seth Rogen comedy after yesterday’s development, confirmed that its December 27th screening had been canceled, as did Cleveland Cinemas, which had booked the film for a 2015 midnight screening way back in October.

  • Exile1981 is now saying 2-3 weeks to get the dvd in. I wonder how long till the hollywood types pull the dvd from production?

    • Xavier

      Let one copy out and it’ll be on the torrents in minutes.

  • ontario john

    Hollywood will go back to what’s safe for them, anti Christian themes and gay rights.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Don’t forget the Russians. It’s more than okay to portray them as monsters now they’re not communist any more—and certainly have no use for perverts.

  • b_marco
    • Clink9

      Hans Brix! Oh no!

  • Worthress Arek Bardwin….

    None of this smells right.

  • buck rodgers

    I’m so Roney… boo hoo
    My favourite song for terrorists.